Thursday, August 06, 2009

Oscar & Jim (new movie)

As one of the executive producers, I am happy that Oscar & Jim, our new movie from the United Kingdom is being screened at the Rhode Island International Film Festival Aug 4th-9th, 2009. Oscar & Jim was filmed in Paris, France and on the Eurostar train connecting the United Kingdom & France.
The movie stars Harry Lloyd as Gerry, and Charlie Covell as Emma on a romantic weekend trip to Paris. It is written & co-directed by Iain Weatherby, produced & co-directed by Paul Fenwick.
Click image to visit the official Oscar & Jim website and to view the movie trailer.

Synopsis: "Emma and Gerry are on a romantic city break/dirty weekend in Paris. Last stop on the tourist trail is the Pere Lachaise cemetery, where the illustrious dead lie round. He wants to see the grave of Jim Morrison. She wants to find the tomb of Oscar Wilde. Their Eurostar leaves in two hours. It's the end of their first weekend away together. But will it be their last?"
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