Thursday, March 03, 2005

Street's Disciple:an online review

I satisfy my humongous appetite for books & music via & I just remembered that I recently wrote an online review for Nas' most recent release on the amazon online store. Thought I'd repost it here for my own records.
The Great are haunted by their greatness, and if greatness were a demon then with this double disc "Street's Disciple", Nas has lyrically tamed, excorcized and artistically put under control the greatness that would otherwise have haunted his increasing legendary status as the 2nd Greatest ever MC (after Tupac Amaru Shakur.)
It's been 2 yrs since "God's Son", the awe-inspiring street chronicle that left many a fan gasping for more. True to his form, Olu Dara's son does not short change his fans and anyone with a keen ear and a reflecting conscience to absorb the many `kilo-jewels' of knowledge that Nasir drops in this double CD. [my review continues in the comment section:)]


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[my review continues here]...
"Bridging The Gap" is a wonderful yet rare dad/son HipHop-Jazz collabo that has not been seen in Hip Hop since...somebody tell me!?! From the 1st time I saw it's video I went crazy thanks to its outstanding, non-commercial/pop flava.
Remarkable tracks include: "A message to the Feds", "American Way" with his wonder woman Kelis, the introspective "Live Now", the masterpiece Rakim bio "UBR", the Luda & Doug E. Fresh laced "Virgo" and "Me & You" ode to his daughter Destiny. These serve to show the growth, depth, maturity & most importantly the scope of Nas' creative genius that I am sure his mom Ann Jones (RIP) would be proud of.
I am sure it will bring in the numbers but I really don't care if it sells 2 million copies. All I know is that the growing No. of loyal fans will be spinning the 2 CDs 2 million times and more throughout 2005.
Peace everybody shelling money to get the CD, no love to illegal downloads & bootleggers stealing from MCs.
Truly amazing material from the Half-Man, Half-Amazing MC.

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Check it out:

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