Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Steve Stoute's 10 SECRETS of SUCCESS

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Two weeks ago while doing my usual fun stuff: devouring a magazine cover-to-cover to catch up on music news, I came across a remarkable interview in the Vibe May 2005 edition (yes, the one with that controversial cover that I find quiet ok!). It featured the incredible Steve Stoute, whose 10 Secrets of Success mirror mine so much I share them with you in the above montage that I just finished designing.
I’ve known about Stoute, this ambitious, hardworking young guy for over 12 years and seen his career rise, fall, rise, fall again & now steady on as it keeps soaring beyond everyone’s expectations-something to which I can relate fully. I admire his courage & determination to keep going despite the odds; which I at times find myself doing-- helps me better understand the source of my personal mantra of “it’s not impossible if I haven’t tried it yet.”
-Here’s the complete interview as it appeared in Vibe. Many may remember him by the extensive work he's done succesfully managing the careers of Nas, Mary J. Blige, and Eve, guiding those of Enrique Iglesias, Dr. Dre, Mya & Eminem, working as a top record exec with several major labels, to his 1999 partnership with Peter Arnell to form PASS, the "Manhattan-based marketing and advertising firm that helped launch the insanely successful S. Carter Collection with Reebok," to his running Translation Consultation & Brand Imaging *, an ad agency that has a partnership with Universal Music.
To top it up, Stoute won the Power Broker of the Year honors at last year's annual VIBE Awards.
*That company name? what a coincidence!? Those who know me know what am getting at.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Akiey: I wish I could subscribe to all the 10 secrets.. I'm half way there though:-_)

4/26/2005 10:39 AM  
Anonymous mshairi said...

The ten secrets look easy at first glance, don't they, akiey? It is difficult sometimes to think the pain is temporary when one gets home from work feeling quite tired and it's only Tuesday:)

But there is neat symmetry to the points which I like i.e. you can be successful if you are willing to work hard.

4/26/2005 11:00 AM  
Blogger akiey said...

Anonymous, guess if you're half way there then the other half only needs a little more effort or belief in yourself, right? Thanks for visiting, come again & leave a link/URL next time:))

Mshairi, You bet, there are times when all this seems like an uphill task. I must admit I do have my moments dealing with no.2 sometimes, but I rely on no.8 to ease the pain, so I push on:))
Yep, the symmetry, however painful is very realistic. The US Marines have a saying that I really like: "Pain is a sign of weakness leaving the body". Imagine that,lol!

4/26/2005 7:16 PM  
Blogger ShellyP said...

Thanks for stopping by my spot!

4/27/2005 6:47 AM  
Blogger SunShyn said...

Insightful, hmm, I need to take this to heart...Thanks for stopping in and for your compliment!

4/27/2005 10:05 AM  
Blogger nick said...

ngojea i unleash my ten secrets of success!!! u know the kind ati "get success quick in a tick" by nick

(LOL at tricky nick)

4/27/2005 10:34 AM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ ShellyP, thanks to you too for stopping by. Loved reading you fab blog.

@ SunShyn, you're welcome & glad you find this worth trying. If it's working for Stoute am sure it can for anyone equally driven.

@ Nick, trust you to be able to pull a hott remixed version of this. Am looking forward to it.
-Btw, if they make a movie about Nick's quick success, will they call it: "Succes in the Nick of Time"? & the character's street name be Tricky Nick?,lol,lol!

4/27/2005 12:22 PM  
Blogger Deno said...

Funny All of the 10 i have tried to use in my life - didnt know Stoute was smart enough to have written them down hehe..

On the real I fail miserably on number 4, and that is like this months resolution. Not only will i return eveyr call, but every day i will spen 10 minutes on the phone with someone I DIDNT have to call.

hey by the way, thanks for visiting Nchi Yetu daily and linking to it..ur support is mucho appreciated - heres the proper link u should use:http://daily.nchiyetu.com

4/27/2005 7:44 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

Deno, thanks again for visiting. Steve Stoute is a very smart fellow & I admire his drive.
-Sad that most people only see the -ve in Hip hop(misogyny,some glorification of violence,etc) but fail to acknowledge the countless success stories and +ve role models that kids & everyone else could look up to. I know he's got more irons in the fire:)
I feel you on the phone convo with folks you weren't meant to talk to. I wish you luck with your resolution.
Success with the Nchi Yetu Daily project, will shout you out very soon with a screen shot & all. Do check back:)

4/29/2005 5:53 AM  
Blogger Shiroh said...

hi akiey, like the success lines workin hard is a must it's not an option , even writing a good blog like yours is hard work agreed, cheers

5/03/2005 5:02 AM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ Shiroh, Your 'motto' of "workin hard is a must it's not an option" should be included in school pledge of allegiance world wide.

Thanks for the kind words about my blog - you're always welcome.

5/04/2005 8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stoute's 10 Secrets to Success really do work if buy into them 100%.

You forgot number 11 though,

11. Get PDiddy to smack you over the head with a champagne bottle then sue him

Great blog

12/10/2005 2:07 PM  

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