Monday, August 29, 2005

Taking It Off

It’s time. Time to call off the recess and get back into the building. Time to let nature take its course now that I am done thinking, planning, rethinking and re-planning.
It’s been a thought provoking and enlightening 2-3 week experience that's brought me a fair share of peace of mind now that the clouds have cleared somewhat. I know I gave it my best shot & dealt with the issues the best way I could. I know I may still need to go back to the drawing board but nothing warranting (hopefully) another blog hiatus.
As I breathe easy now I know I shouldn’t overlook those times it felt like walking through life while groping in the dark because braving them make me value the many moments when it feels so good that the here & now needs to be stretched out into the future. So, like many of life’s surprises, this ride has been both amazingly fun & a harrowing pain but… ¿ Así es la Vida, no?, C’est la vie, non?, Ndio maisha, au sio?, lol! Am just glad I took it for what it is & came out with not so many bruises.

So, now it’s official: Am Taking It Off

Am taking off my thinking cap for 2 reasons:
a) To salute all you wonderful KB-Dubs for reaching out to me via comments, emails, phone calls...yes, all you wonderful folks that didn't care whether you were at work, in the metro, was past your bed time or even whether it was inter-state or across continents.

Asante for: the assurance that nothing is ever dull between friends, e-hugs, the rib-splitting jokes, teasing me about my name (grin!), reminding me I can make that trip to the metro-area when am ready, those wonderfully edited photos with the positive thoughts [had your name signed on it:)], wishing me a great day despite your uncertain work & life schedules, making sure I crack a smile despite your laptop crashing when you needed it most, helping me see through the clouds & assuring me mountains can be moved, checking in on me while you got clients saying 'aaaah' , lol!! To each & everybody, blogger, flickrati, fellow insomniacs... Next to my family & closest friends ... Nani kama nyinyi?! .
Many thanks everybody. It means the world to me ... yeah, the real world, not just the blog world:) ! You're proof that behind your mysterious blog names & closely guarded real personas lie very genuine caring souls!
b) To allow (insert my real name if u know it) the thinker to take a break & resume his normal life & bring in akiey the doer to keep on blogging…
**PS: The name is ‘akiey’, pronounced ‘akii’ and written in lower case---"If you don't know, now you know":)

Kudos Wanjiru on coming back home, you know we were all waiting:) Next...Memoire that am back with the family..."Who the hell took my chair, & where the heck is my favourite black t-shirt!?"


Anonymous Ms K said...

Ati whose chair?? Ebu get with the programme. Asiyekuwapo....... You'll have to fight me for it daddy-o! And these mbiceps are no optical illusion.

Nice to have you back!!! Keep smiling!

8/30/2005 2:19 AM  
Blogger Nakeel said...

Eeeph welcome back missed you big time...
I sense who took your sit but wont say am gonna tell dem to return it... Waoh the cap mmh keep it a far from me broda..
Nice to have you back.....

8/30/2005 3:06 AM  
Blogger Guessaurus said...

Glad glad you are back bro! Hope this time you can sit around a whole lot longer - we have still got your bed at the ward - and speaking of which - the insomniac took your chair - he who blogs at ungodly hours and have a cracking smile... u know him? Go get it back, and kick his butt off to the nether.

Could the real akiey please take a pew :)

8/30/2005 3:47 AM  
Blogger Irena said...

Hello there and welcome back, glad you were not gone for too long and please don't go again.

8/30/2005 8:34 AM  
Anonymous maitha said...

kaka wee! hio ngepa ni poa sana , sijui nikupe anuwani yangu kisha ufanye kweli au vipi ....

vizuri kuona kuwa mawingu hayako tena na kuwa jua limerudi kun'gaa

8/30/2005 8:41 AM  
Blogger Msanii_XL said...

Akiey..Nice to have you back, Welcome!!!!

8/30/2005 9:28 AM  
Blogger Milonare said...

I second Maitha (but in broken swa bila sanifu)... That ngepa rocks!!!

Lakini, origina of Akiey (Akii) ndiyo wapi? Ama there's a prior blogpost I need to be reading???

Good to have you back!!!

8/30/2005 9:56 AM  
Blogger akiey said...

Ms. K, lol! @ the get with the programme,lol! Eti you have biceps…? You’ve been looking at yourself in the boys’ mirror in the house, we use them mirrors to boost our egos after gym. Do I get my chair back if I keep flashing my smile…?

nekeel, missed you too & thanks for keeping the door open for me. Reveal the chair snatcher, I’ll protect you from them & remind them around here: We Run Dem Tings, Dem Tings Don’t Run We!

Guess! I plan on staying around for the longest:). Mhmm, so I was lied to…that was no 5-star resort but some insomniac rehab?! I feel soo cheated,lol! That insomniac? Just what you ordered, spiked his drinks & he when he snoozes off it’s butt stomping & kicking like there’s no tomorrow.
-here’s the real akiey…or is it that one there, maybe the one in the corner...multiple personality disorder??

Irena, thanks a lot. I hope you’re enjoying your return as well. I’ll try & make sure things stay cool so I don’t have to disapp like that again. Thanks for wishing me lots of peace of mind:)!

maitha, Asante sana Kaka,…hata jua limeanza kumulika vizuri sasa. Nawe pia natarajia mambo yanakwendea freshi-freshi? Nitumie anwani kwa barua pepe nikufanyie kweli chapchap, ila kwa sasa mtambo wangu wa kuunda ngepa una tafashi lakini t-shirt nitakuundia jinsi unavyotaka. Tuongee zaidi…

msanii_XL, thanks a lot bro & am glad I got back soon enough.

Milo, asante sana bro & I hope all stays sawa so I don’t exit again. Thanks about the ngepa…one of the creative benefits of being an insomniac I guess? Usijali, with Maitha around, even I get to perfect my Swa!
U meant origin of akiey...the name or the person? Uliza, will elaborate. Past post?may be some hints on my other blog ‘Tafsiri’.

8/30/2005 11:19 AM  
Blogger k.i.d.a.d.a said...

Welcome back...can see that you're fully reloaded and ready to kick some proper butt!!

Me love that cap...looks mucho nice!! More details about it please...

8/31/2005 2:17 AM  
Blogger Prousette said...

is good to be back in the same space don't you think?

8/31/2005 2:20 AM  
Blogger Guessaurus said...

Are we supposed to be playing some cool tunes on the WMP up there?

That Swa is deadly man - could we have some refresher courses out here?

Maitha/akiey you guys rock!

8/31/2005 4:09 AM  
Blogger Milonare said...

The jina... Lakini since you also mentioned tha person, you can add that too ;)

8/31/2005 4:55 AM  
Blogger Wambui said...

The swa rocks guys! Makes me feel I need to go back to shule. Ms K has biceps we have been led to understand - don't mess with that one ;-) Glad to have you back ma man!

9/01/2005 6:03 AM  
Blogger Blue Poet said...

Remember those Kanu claps:

*clap,clap,clap* Karibu!
*clap,clap,clap* Rafiki yetu!
*clap,clap,clap* aikey!
*clap,clap,clap* Pronouced aikii!
*clap,clap,clap* Karibu!
*clap,clap,clap* Funga
*clap,clap,clap* Fungua!

Nice to have you back.


9/01/2005 9:00 AM  
Blogger Mama_JunkYard's said...

Glad to have you back. Pole I missed your depature, I too was taking a break.

Sometimes it helps to step back kidogo ama? Look forward to reading more from you.

And I see your blog has a TV!

9/01/2005 12:44 PM  
Blogger Mshairi said...

Es la vida, si! Glad to have your back, akiey. I am back too, MJY is back, Sonny is (sort of) back, Wanjiru is back. Now all we need is Memoire and we are good and ready.

Lol at Blue:)

9/01/2005 6:06 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

Kidada, thanks, feels good to be back & reloaded, and armed to the screen,lol! The cap’s one of the things this insomniac blogger designs/creates on the side (t-shirts, brochures, billboard ads, etc). The logo is the same as on most of my photos & digital artwork. Trying to repair my branding machine so I can have more such caps rolling out. I do t-shirts whenever I get a free minute …interested? I have a sample tee I designed on my June 16th post, check it out.

Prousette Oh yes, feels like coming back home :). Speaking of which, is that my black t-shirt you have on Prousette? As Ms.K said above: “Asiyekuwapo…”

Guess, yes oh yes. This is just a test run (there’s a diff screen on Tafsiri playing one of my most fav R&B videos), If all works out you my dear visitors can make yourselves at home by viewing music videos of your choice. Cross them fingers for me:)
-The Swa, don’t even fret, with Maitha around everyone will be able to speak sanifu tena bila kusitasita:) bet you caught the slang used so our comments are semi-sanifu,lol!

Milo, the jina is my nickname. Given by my parents when I was 3. It’s a modified short form of my actual name. Everyone very close to me knows me by this name as well (different story with chicks I’ve loved,a-hem!). You make me want to have a post on this…may be, may be not. The person, from the same province as Maitha but from the city whose symbol’s the elephant tusks.

Wambui, asante sana for the welcome back. Lakini vile naona uko Tz, si ajabu hata wewe utaanza kublogu kwa lugha ya taifa. Btw, are you in Dar? I have good peoples I know there. So, Ms,K has been toning up lately, huh? Then I can go around chokozaing & chongoaring folks knowing she’ll have my back,lol!

Blue, Hahaha! You make me feel very important with the makofi ya kilo. “Ok, ghetini jini, phellow Ghenyans”. Thanks, am glad I got back. Wedding plans ni vipi mazee, you know if our Poetess agrees I may have to walk her down, right?

MJY, you lost & found blogger. That was quite a retreat you took! Hope you enjoyed it. Congrats to Mich, now that he’s done the two of you are welcome to watch the wide-screen Tv,lol!
Like I told Guess above, there’s more coming if all goes well. Will have diff stuff from time to time.. maybe glimpses of akiey & folks close to him as well…?

Mshairi, Es verdad…muy verdad, & nice to have you back too. Unlike the rest of us spoiled spots, you know how to take a break…just short enough:) Glad MJY, Sonny, Wanjiru are back. All we need is Memoire & we can all have our blog carnival!

9/01/2005 11:48 PM  
Blogger nick said...

Boy oh Boy am i late or what! Glad you're back its not the same without you. Hope all has worked for you!

9/02/2005 1:49 AM  
Blogger nick said...

Boy oh Boy am i late or what! Glad you're back its not the same without you. Hope all has worked for you!

9/02/2005 1:49 AM  
Blogger Nakeel said...

I like the radio thing bro you are keepin me stuck here.. This wonderful

9/02/2005 3:39 AM  
Blogger Milonare said...

LMAOTIME “Ok, ghetini jini, phellow Ghenyans”.

I almost knocked the side of the desk falling to the floor. Gai - you've made my day Akiey!!!


9/02/2005 7:16 AM  
Blogger Poi said...

akii, more than glad to have you back am with uncle blue doing the funga/fungua makofi. Nice to have u back!

A rest they say is as good as a change, good when taken once in a while. Glad it went well and welcam back.

Your well that is replaceable lol

The cap, u got talent, brainy! Me too I want one, can I have one please? thanks in advance lol

Stay for good no more recesses says er...oh well the blog rules underway LMAO!
Have a great weekend!

9/02/2005 6:02 PM  
Blogger Afromusing said...

welcome back...kinda late to the welcoming parade...

9/03/2005 10:38 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

Nick,Feels like coming back home bro. Thanks for checking in & yeah, some stuff's falling into place now & I hope everything else works out fine. Part of life's ups & downs u know.

Nakeel, thanks, & you're always welcome. Will try to have diff videos & other stuff often. Feel free to grab a huge tub of popcorn & your favourite drink as you watch...u might catch a glimpse of akiey soon,lol!

Milo,lol, lol! You'll make me ensure the emergency medical services guys are by your side whenever you check into my blog, hehee!
-Btw, Hata wewe, plogh bost yagho yooote najegesha sana sisi watu ya serghal! Endelea namna huohuo sighu mocha tafanya wewe Brime Minister wa Ploghu.,lol!

Poi, makofi back to you for trying to stay strong as you take your break:) R U about to rejoin the fam?
The rest did some good, now have to catch up on sleep after the tight work schedule.
Gotta have my comfy chair back if not am throwing a blog tantrum,lol!
-The cap, thanks, will make sure my sickling of a machine is up & running & will mos def hook you up with one(very serious!).

Afromusing,thanks & it's never too late my friend. Hope you're keeping well on your side of this wounded & healing host land of ours?:)

9/05/2005 12:31 AM  

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