Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Peddlers' Paradise

Back in Form Two (9th/10th grade), a teacher we thought wasn't coming in for the mid-morning double lesson caught me and two other classmates scribbling & drawing some bizarre stuff on the class board while the rest of the class acted as harsh critiques. We were all good students but often fooled around in class & got away with all sorts of crazy things so long as it wasn’t too noisy to get the monitor in hot water.
Now, nothing wrong with the occasional "playing Mr or Miss X" and imitating the way they talked, after all, most teachers are often aware of this...they did it too back in the day when they were little, right?
This day was a little different in that Waleed, my homie on my right & Ibtisam ('sam), the honey on the left and I got too excited, lost our heads in the fun & we soon had lots of different colored chalk plastered all over us. We went nuts messing up the way our literature teacher talked…the different voices she used for the characters in the novels, her tone, pauses, the many rhetoric questions, how she praised & even chastised the class. The class lost their minds as everyone literally rolled on the floor laughing their arses off (rofltao!).
The 3 Musketeers that we were relished the moment so much we wanted it to last forever, but nope... in an instant we noticed all our drawing & monkey business wasn’t getting the same reaction as before. Turning to check on our audience, we realized that the lit teacher, monitor & the senior teacher were taking in all the madness while seated in our seats, ouch!!! All hell was surely about to break lose! Don't want parents coming to see the head only to get more madd at us!!
Fast >>>Forward:
The outcome wasn't as bad as we thought, no parents called (phew!) but we each had to buy a box of chalk and became the laughing stock of the class as we were denied any chance to go clean up all the chalk dust which made us look like clown-faced fools trying to pass for miners in S.Africa or the Ukraine,lol! I was humming Bob Marley's 'Pimper's Paradise' when we got caught. Our classmates turned that into "Peddler's Paradise" for the way we looked like some powder peddlers caught in the act:).
Now that I think about it, I was busy drafting logos & signing my nick name which later became my logo/brand name (wink!), Waleed, the artist was drawing an oil tanker in the high seas...now he's working for an oil company in the Qatari desert. Ibtisam was sketching scenes reminiscent of what we read in the school books...haven't made contact with her but I hope 'Sam is also putting her Peddlers' Paradise skills to good use:))


Blogger nick said...

nice flash back...u should track down the third musketeer and relive the past...i usually find it refreshin just reminsicin wit my old classmates bout past deeds.

5/25/2005 8:30 AM  
Blogger wg-k said...

no idea how to link this back to my blog akiey, but you've been tagged.

5/25/2005 10:33 AM  
Anonymous mshairi said...

Like my nephew above, yes great memories. Your blog is always enjoyable to read.

BUT I still have 'pimper's paradise' on my mind and it is still your fault:)

5/25/2005 1:28 PM  
Blogger Farmgal said...

Your post reminds me of Jane, this chic is like the most talented cartoonist/comic I know. She choraz you and there is no mistaking who it is. This day she dicided to chora our very short maths teacher mimicking him at the same time/the class is in laugh mode, then the teacher walks in. That chic was lucky, how she managed to rid the board of that mess I dont know. mmmm high school, those were the good ol' days!

5/25/2005 2:22 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ Nick, I tried to track 'Sam down two yrs ago & kept getting cold leads. Will give it another try this summer. That reminiscing thing is great fun & am sure my kids will outdo me in some of the 'ish' I did,lol!

@ Wg-K, Thanks for dropping by. Got the tag & will post it on Taafsiri. Mhmmm, wonder who I should tag (grrr,grrr..my evil laughter,lol!)

5/26/2005 11:14 AM  
Anonymous Mama JunkYard said...

That was an interesting flashback. What is all this logo/trademark stuff? You mentioned Tweet was 'rocking your logo' too. Have I missed something? Should I be watching the catwalks of Milan, London adn Paris looking out for your work?

5/26/2005 12:33 PM  
Blogger Irena said...

I knew your creativity started way back then Akiey. I can see your mischievous cute ways started somewhere (Don't blush now)!

5/26/2005 1:54 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ MJY, Asante sana. We had a ball in high school. Don't look back with nostalgia but it made me & many of my pals what we are today:)
The logo/brand is something I've been using on my little side projects for a little while but I've decided to take it more seriously.
Tweet sporting my brand will be a major door opener, wish me luck, who knows a KBW member could turn out London, Paris & Milan some day:)

5/26/2005 8:19 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ Wanjiru, guess it's a case of skill showing in the most unlikely ways:) Thanks a lot for the prayers & support.
Now you know I can't help blushing & my ears turning into elephant-sized flaps:)
Am actually looking away as I laugh,lol!

5/26/2005 8:46 PM  
Blogger Guessaurus said...

Cool flashback - Why is it that we always got caught when we were imitating teachers or being mischevous - I know I was...

5/27/2005 10:46 AM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ Mshairi, I guess I didn't have you whistling the song all over the office this week:)) Bob's songs have +ve infectious tunes so can't blame you. Thanks for the pat on the back:))!

@Farmgal, that Jane friend of yours must have had perfect hand-sight coordination to get away with such a suicidal stunt. Can just picture her dusting the board like a mad person,lol!

5/27/2005 11:18 AM  
Blogger Farmgal said...

Akiey that chic has talent, I should prolly try find out what she's been up to! That teacher knew s'thing was up but without evidence what could he do. I am sure the whole class would have been suspended. Then we had waithes, this one would make us laugh bila saying anything. Yaani she'd get the attention of the class say nothing but the whole thing/moment would make our ribs would crack.

5/28/2005 3:22 AM  
Blogger LifeMoments said...

Trust me that got me laughing hard...reminded me of an incident in High school...

5/30/2005 4:44 AM  
Blogger akiey said...

@Guessaurus, I always wondered about the same. Must be the one mystery of trouble making:)! Would love know what trouble you got into,lol!

@Farmgal, Your buddies are hilarious & Waithes sounds like Mike Epps, I just laugh when I see him on screen. He doesn't have to say a word & am off laughing like a fool.

6/01/2005 12:47 PM  
Blogger Poi said...

@Akiey..the flashback is too good. Loved the post.

6/02/2005 2:46 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ LifeMoments. Am glad the post split your sides. And...I hope you'll let us in on that incident from back in high school. Hope you didn't burn the place down!?

6/02/2005 4:02 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ Cilia, am glad you enjoyed it. I had lot a exciting time in college & all but our highschool was just one of a kind. Great, friendly people with crazy pranks:)

6/03/2005 2:41 PM  

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