Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You Are What U Dream

My Dreams, Work and Life are often intertwined & this tends to show in my oftentimes crazy online personality (grin,grin!). The insomniac in me dreams mostly during my waking, walking, working, washing, writing, worrying... moments (read that again, and very fast!!).
I envy Nick who values good sleep & even analyzed his sleep routine with surgical precision (great post man!), and I smiled & teased when Farmgal confessed to her dreaming in HTML (child, you're a generation HTML,lol!)
Well, for many months now my sleep has been a blockbuster experience full of vivid colour & very sharp, high resolution visions in the form of the realest interactive dreams akin to the photos I work on. Take for example the other day when Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) & his rookie partner Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) walk up to me & we have a slight misunderstanding as to why I had aimed & shot with my digital camera as they dispensed their dose of street justice. I tried to explain that am addicted to anything photography & photoworthy but Alonzo wouldn't hear any of that true to his nature. I had tampered with his perfect street cleansing work & so he would school the naive & inexperienced Jake in the ways of undercover cop manouvres.
Alonzo pulls out his two huge hecklers [street for guns or gats, biscuits, etc] & I was to be the walking, breathing but soon bleeding teaching aid for this Training Day.
Thinking it's one of the many pranks his senior partner had pulled in the course of the day Jake begins to chuckle but he nearly chocked on his subdued laughter when Alonzo approached the fence separating us & had me talking to him through his nasty, big & ready guns. Jake tried to intervene but he was quickly shut down with one word & that piercing, dark look you all saw in the movie....wait a minute, if you saw it too, why the heck am I on the other side of the trigger!?

Seeing his threats weren't working on this punk, Alonzo persisted & Jake became afraid. What was I to do? I need to see another day to live, work, travel, dance to my fav song, be there for all my loved ones, spoil my niece & nephews, enjoy my insomnia, blog & blog some more, create images & dream some without batting an eye I yelled: "Quit playin' Denzel, Hollywood ain't got nothin' on me! "...then I woke up (phew!) caught my breath & rebooted my computer for this post.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/04/2005 2:12 AM  
Blogger Guessaurus said...

Loved that movies Akiey - see what living in good ol' US does for your dreams, it puts guns in them, which should be quite scary by anyones standards. Stay off the late coffees, stay off any stimulants - do something you enjoy before you go to bed,heck if all else fails, call me and I will put you to sleep - only I am five hours ahead, which means I have to wake up to make you sleep - dont fancy that, unless its about 6am my time, then I can do with getting up earlier.

Dude, sort out your sleeping pattern, I dont like insomnia, in myself or other people!!!

PS: is the above comment challenging your mental faculties? Refer them to me!!! *folds sleeves and adopts battle stance - girlie style :)*

8/04/2005 9:53 AM  
Blogger UARIDI said...

I sometimes wish I could remember my dreams. Mostly my dreams vanish like mist in the light. Wow! technicolour dreams. How do you do it??

I am there with insomnia - books and old black and white movies are my sleeping companion.

8/04/2005 10:34 AM  
Anonymous mshairi said...

Hey that's cool! A photo and a screenplay. Loving your work, akiey:) I couldnt sleep the other day and wrote the longest post ever for my blog - whether it was good or not remains to be seen (and I think I dont really care:) but here's to more insomnia! But do try and get some rest, ok?

8/04/2005 11:14 AM  
Blogger nick said...

-that my boy is a dream well dreamt!(if u didnt wake up then,a skinny all ribs snoop dogg sure woulda scared u awake!!!)
-do u think spielberg,geffen and katzenberg would consider this a 'DreamWorks' post?
-pole sana about insomnia!!!

8/04/2005 12:20 PM  
Blogger Farmgal said...

heheh dreaming in sharp image (dont think thats sounds right) are u scared of guns in real life ama its the same as in your dreams?
Always love the photos you post and this is no exception.

8/04/2005 5:25 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ anonymous, I won't lie to myself & imagine you actually read my blog & this post in particular. Call me not smart but you sound more like a desperate spammer than someone out to share business ideas. Come around again & I’ll send Guess after you.

@ Guess, U bet, guns in dreams/real life is scary as h*ll & living in this land of guns & roses we laugh one minute & cry the next…a gift & a curse?! Thanks for the advise will try smth I enjoy b4 bed but will leave out reading & experimenting with photos bcoz I can’t stop once I start that, lol! If all fails I’ll definitely give you a holler, you’re such a babe for that:)!
- I knew someone in here had my back, so I let mr/s anonymous know if s/he wanna battle, Guess is sticking ‘em up…girlie style,lol!

@ Uaridi, I’ve felt the same about dreams too, usually when am too busy & stuff (life) seems to be spinning fast around me. That Technicolor must be from all the concentration working on colorful digital photos, that can take your mind to a whole ‘nother world.
I’ve tried not to have the tv on in the bedroom...worked for just two nights & I was back to square one:)!

@ mshairi, thanks for the kudos:)! such work may be a little proof that insomnia exploited the right way has its advantages as well:) would love to read the post you did, I know the quiet of the night helps feed a creative mind. Will surely work on that rest, & many thanks for the support (wink!)

@ nick, lol x 10³²°! Eti a skinny Snoop D.O-double-G scaring the h*ll outta me! I know I could be homies with the Doggfather but if he’s truly mad at me I’ll call Ving Rhames or Michael Clark Duncan to stand between us.
I wish the SKG trio considers it a Dreamworks post & gives me the rights to it:)!
The insomnia? Hope it’s not a sign that I was a night runner in another lifetime??

@ farmgal, sharp image dreams should give me hope that am not left out of this whole digital advancement. I’ve actually dreamt am editing pics & digital video. Better that than dreaming someone is shaving off my eyebrows & moustache(haha!) I wouldn’t leave the house until they grow back,lol!
I can’t fake it, I hate & fear guns in all situations…like I can’t understand parents buying their kids video games of people firing at each other.

8/05/2005 12:57 AM  
Blogger M said...

Am i the only one who sometimes dreams in black & white?

8/05/2005 1:39 AM  
Blogger Guessaurus said...

@Akiey -LOL at night runner, ving rhames and MCDuncan
@M - somebody asked me if we dream in colour or black and white, I still dont know!
I seem to have really weird dreams most times, and do you dream, wake up and prob go to the loo or have water, get back to sleep and continue where you left off? No? Its just me then :(

8/05/2005 6:37 AM  
Blogger nick said...

@M: black and white? thats a good one!

8/06/2005 1:10 AM  
Anonymous D.Orville said...

This is too funny akiey! Told you all that insomnia is gonna amount to something but didn't think it would be this. You love road trips d'you also dream of cruising the highways? Peace.

8/06/2005 7:20 PM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

Hi... thanks for changin' the ring code for blackblogz. Currently it is on your page:

could you please change it to just

8/07/2005 8:04 PM  
Blogger Poi said...

Hahhahaaa Akiey true they say without dreams we gat very lil going for us but dude your dreams I can do without on any

Wow! too much movies/reading/observation you got going there until u jus gotta perceive it in your dreams. I think its kinda true when they say want we think/do most of the day or just before we get into bed is what we dream of,basically our lives.You r a classic!

I'm insomniac to a point that I catch myself sitting up late to watch the 'VH1 insomniac channel'...somebody help me!

Great post dude! well said/well put and the pics...u got it all in you, picture-brainy!

Still I hardly remember my dreams..

8/08/2005 11:21 AM  
Blogger akiey said...

@ M,I dreamt in B/W yrs ago & woke up wondering whether all dreams are so only to remember the many times I remembered what color clothes pple in mdreams were wearing:) Try going color, you'll have great fun!

@ Guess, at the rate am going, night running is a very possible option. Ving & MC Duncan, who would want to mess with me with them around,huh?
-Dreams that go like " be continued",lol!? I've only heard of them, may be you could school us on some of your dream 'series'. They must have interesting plots to continue like that.

@Nick, in B/W dreams all male characters would need 2 pairs of white shirts & black trousers & they're set. No need of a variety of colors in the wardrobe!

8/09/2005 2:20 PM  
Anonymous Mitouffée said...

Qulle follie akiey! Cela m’a fait beaucoup rire et quel dommage qu’on te braque des fusils dans tes rêves. Tu vois trop de films avant de te coucher, mon chou?
Next time I will try "mon aweful english"!

8/09/2005 10:14 PM  
Blogger Prousette said...

ah les rêves; ditto mittouffée trop du cinema avant de te coucher.
I always dream in full vibrant colour though rarely about movie stars in the context of the movie they were in . They fit in my life like Denzel in my living room like this......

8/10/2005 1:57 AM  
Blogger akiey said...

@Diane-O,I prolly shouldn't complain much since my job regards insomnia as a valuable asset?:) Yeah,I've done 90mph on the freeway several times in my dreams,lol! Peace-2-ya!

@ Ryan, thanks a lot for the blackblogz HTML update. I've fixed the new one. Site's growing, very nice!

@ Poi, Hahah! You watch VH-1 Insomniac to avoid BET Uncut am sure,lol! U enjoy when u get to enjoy ur dreams:)
-Thanks for the kudos. My dreams, at times depends on what I did/watched before bed. Imagine if I played video games with gunplay!?,tsktsk!:((

8/10/2005 2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger akiey said...

@ mitouffée, toi grand rigolo :)! Je vois pas toujours des films noirs avant de me coucher mais parfois ouais! Je finis à voir des comédies telles que Martin et Living Single j’arrive donc à avoir des rêves très amusants.

@ Prousette, d’abord, ton français c’est chic. Tu l’as parlé depuis longtemps? Je t’ai repondu sur Tafsiri:).
-Having stars like Denzel in some other contexts,huh? Do you mean like Sanaa Lathan’s character opposite Denzel in Out of Time? Am led to believe so :)

@ All my good people in here: Thanks for sharing in my insomniac indulgences but it just happens that I’ve been a fully functioning, functional insomniac since I was 17, so I really shouldn’t complain:)

@ Anonymous, are you people for real? You fill inboxes with junk & now out here as well? If your msg isn’t spam then I have some choice words for it...

8/10/2005 6:54 AM  
Blogger k.i.d.a.d.a said...

Cracked me up...nice one!!

Are you damn sure its only insomnia doing all this to you?


8/10/2005 11:40 AM  
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