Friday, August 12, 2005

Such A Tease!

Ever had the desire to visit or go to a certain place often because you either love the place, the people, have family living there, or it's home but you live or work far away but the occasional visits aren't good enough? If so, then feel free to join me relocate some cities of choice.
-Thought I'd relocate Nairobi, the capital city at the heart of the country much closer to the coastal city of Lamu by the Indian Ocean. Now Nairobi & Lamu are just some 20 mins away by car from each other!
My other choice cities would be:
Mombasa, Manchester & Toronto so family could all see each other most often.
Paris, Kent(US), DC, London & surroundings so family & friends could hang out more often
Chicago, Mombasa & Watamu so my favorite cities could all be close
DC & Baghdad so the guy who started all this mess could feel the heat & realize the world still thinks his silly, ignorant, arrogant arse is messing the world up!
Move Australia & New Zealand closer to the rest of the world. The 2 places seem so far removed from everywhere!
...and you would relocate which cities & places so that.....?

And, how about getting lots of this white stuff 1st thing tomorrow morning?

Took this lying down at ground-level as a cold reminder of how much snow we get on average in my state. Taken: Jan 1st, 2005 @ 7.15am.

Hey, hey!! go easy on me people, I know I could get blog-slapped, e-kicked in the groin & even sanctioned from blogging & visting other blogs for a while but don't kill the messenger. It's just a reminder of what's around the corner!? (evil laugh here,lol!)
Ok, hope it's consolation to all at home experiencing the could be worse, so chin up :)
To all living north of the equator, make the most of this summer, enjoy the outdoors, soak in the sun to stock up on vitamin D.

PS: A good friend (ex-blogger) asked me to share this important info with all female blog friends of color:


Blogger Prousette said...

yeah, rub it in some more and some. Am I supposed to be amused at my teeth chatterign anytime I step outdoors?

8/12/2005 7:04 AM  
Blogger UARIDI said...

HEY, great idea. How about London, New York and NAIROBI? My three fav. cities within walking distance to each other.

8/12/2005 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Former Blogger - aka Wanjiru said...

How about Karatina- Nairobi-United Arab Emirates -Newbury ,Berkshire :So that family can be together again and reconnect just like good ol times.

Kent - Washington Dc - Houston Texas: So that best of freinds can hang together always.

8/12/2005 10:05 AM  
Blogger Poi said...

WOW! great post, Akiey! So, ummmhh let's see which cities am moving.

Nairobi-so tht family gets reuntied
Maryland/ATL/AL/Oklahoma/OH-so friends can get re-united and catch up..

N.C-So as to attend my sweet sunday-school teacher's

Nairobi/ATL/London/L.A/TX/DC/MS-for family to always be together.

What's with you and snow??U rub it in al the time and u don't even seem to be about to stop.But, I'm laughing, u wanna know y..?

Great pix u got-as always. I can only imajin ur passion for snow if u had to lie down to shoot, dang!

8/12/2005 11:06 AM  
Blogger Poi said...

Woiyee, Wanjiru where did u go? I always check ur blog and always find, non-existent/no more.

You take care now & halla whenever u can!

8/12/2005 11:08 AM  
Blogger Guessaurus said...

Hi Akiey - nice post, although that snow looks so cool/ld and peaceful, I am not looking forward to the chills (that sounds so... ???) - yes, I was stranded in Boston after the New Year's with that snow declaring war on all things inside and outside, so I can relate. That should actually silence the people in Kenya who think they have it real bad...

My take: Nairobi/London/Boston - so that family can be reunited n live together...
Nairobi/Kiambu/London/Boston -so that extended family can visit -but then again I will rethink that line!
Nairobi/London/Boston/Manchester/ATL/Charlotte NC/Dallas/Arusha/NYC/DC - so all friends can hang out and enjoy the different aspects of each other's lives - oh, and Americans can stop saying Waller instead of Water like the rest of humans.... :)

8/12/2005 12:08 PM  
Anonymous mshairi said...

I agree with Guess - the snow looks (just looks mind you) beautiful! Great photo.

My cities: Nairobi (my family are there), London (I am a Londoner through and through), Dakar (I have good lifelong friends in Dakar, I love the music, the clothes, the culture, etc). I would even be happier if my family agreed to relocate to Mombasa as I have never really liked Nairobi and there you would be my neighbour:)

8/12/2005 1:52 PM  
Blogger nick said...

havent travelled outta kenya..but give me coast and naks anytime of the day. From malindi, to watamu to a place called tiwi...

8/13/2005 1:14 AM  
Blogger Blue Poet said...

Great pictures... love your talent.
Those combos are neat!

@Nick- Keep stealing kids teeth and keeping them under your pillow. Who knows what the tooth fairy might give you... maybe an air ticket?


8/13/2005 3:38 AM  
Blogger Milonare said...

Loved the "e-kicked in the groin" expression...

I'd put Jackson MS/Nairobi/Dar/Jozi for family reasons

Kampala/Mombasa/Accra/Chicago/NYC for lounging/sightseeing/henging out reasons...

@nick and blue: LOL - I can see the surface to blog missiles are coming fast and heavy all over blogosphere - hehehehehe

8/13/2005 9:19 AM  
Blogger Medusa said...

Aikey- this is soo cool. I actually prefer the cooler weather-this heat is driving me crazy..snow, yes please!

My cities-
-Nyeri to Ukunda..where I can hide away, relax, I can go from farm,and my cows to the beach at sunset..sand tickling my toes..
-Vegas to NY to Miami- my party cities..
Austin/SanDiego/Boston/Copenhagen/Chicago/W Palm Beach/Philly/..for my greatest friends,cousins- oh too see all my 'nieces' and nephews' cook with/for them all..laugh, play poker and dance..
-Nairobi/DC..I need my daddy..and the rest of my immediate fam..*sigh*

8/13/2005 10:55 AM  
Blogger nick said...

I didnt see that coming and whats with your obsession with the tooth fairy? did he take more than your tooth when you were young back in the 60's? Was he dressed up like Michael Jackson with one white glove??? tell us(ngai am so sorry Michael am still ur biggest fan!!!!)

8/13/2005 12:50 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

Ok, I've already caught so much heat from some cousins & close friends for not mentioning their cities, countries but hey! blackmail you back,lol!, you're regular visitors to my blogs & rarely comment so I'll only edit the post & put a handful:))

@ Prousette, lol! When your teeth go chattering is when you wear shorts, a fleece top, get on the bicycle & ride on the snow-covered streets of your neighbourhood. It’s the greatest feeling, I would know:)!

@ Uaridi, London-NYC-Nbi sounds great, all fun places together!

@ Wanjiru (ex-blogger), plz come back to the blogworld when you’re ready? U know I wouldn’t miss out on the Kent-DC-Houston connection. Never been to Karatina or Newbury so I’ll come for your family reunion.

@ Poi, you have me laughing too. The “rubbing in” that’s my evil side coming out. Yeah, I wanna know what’s cracking you up so much…should I be worried/afraid!?
Thanks about the passion for pics & snow. Strange but the winter time isn’t always kind to me, not bcoz of the cold but bcoz of lots of not-so-good stuff that happens in my life in winter. I’ve gotten so used to winter cold (gimme summer all year though) I actually do what I suggested to Prousette above:)
Yep, Wanjiru needs to make a major comeback. Will try to convince her.

@ What’s up Guess! Lol! At the “waller”, we can’t help it. Pole sana, I remember the Boston snow shut down this Jan, it was crazy all the way to my state as well. Winter & I are friends coz of the outdoor stuff I do…there’s this little boy in me that comes out in the worst of winter days,lol!
-U bet looks postcard good but sure is very cold. On this day temps were –21C..yes minus centigrade .

@ Mshairi-the Londoner:), thanks about the pics... I’ll also be sending you one more Ferrer tribute pic I did but didn’t put up on the edited/updated Tafsiri post. Let’s make a deal, relocate your family to Mombasa so we can be neighbours (that will be fun! Plus my other sis will spoil you with her cooking & humour) & you introduce me to your family of friends in Dakar, love their culture & music too…pleeeeeaaaase?

@ Nick, being the most popular guy on KB-Dub (not flattery even though Blue is a close second) , you have the greatest gift blogging could give: A family spanning all spheres & corners of the blog. Frankly, all you need is a ticket & KB-Dub doors will swing open from the shores of San Francisco to the banks of The Thames, from the islands of Gorée & Rufisque in Senegal to the Emperor’s courtyard in Japan & from lowest tip of Argentine to the Sydney Theatre in Austarlia.
Btw, I will be very offended to hear the Good Doctor made it to US & didn’t give me a housecall, aiight!?

@ Blue, Thanks a lot Blue, am flattered, bro. Am laughing my eyes out at the Who knows what the tooth fairy might give you... maybe an air ticket? The two of you are “killing me dead”, lol!

@ Milo, you got fam & friends in Dar!> Nice! Lemme know when you next head out there. I have very to-die-for great friends & fam there you’d love to hang with. Kampala, never been there, but some day soon hopefully.
-Let’s trade bruh, you borrow my e-kicked in the groin expression & I could borrow your surface to blog missiles, very original & you’re crafty at crafting words!!

@ Medusa, wow! You’d rather have the winter cold!? KB-Dub has great variety am impressed,lol! Gimme the heat I can figure out 6 million ways to stay kool winter is to me is for getting naughty. Strange but I spend more time outdoors in winter than in summer?? I feel you on Ukunda for very many generational reasons (giggle). That toes in your sand expression could get one Farmgal very excited, you know her & toes, lol!
Ever been to the Caribana (Carib Carnival- last week of July every year) in Toronto? Next time see fam & friends & make sure you attend & blog about it. Hint…am a very short drive from Toronto. Miami…I envy you, lemme come along next time?
-Nbi-DC we’ll give you that you daddy’s little girl:)!

@ Ouch, Nick, you’ll have MJ tell you “Beat It” hey, incase you’re looking for some theme songs to enter the ring to you could actually try MJ’s “Beat it” . Wonder what song Blue would pick & from whom...? Maybe "Another One Bites The Dust"?

8/13/2005 2:09 PM  
Blogger Wambui said...

What a great idea! Reminds me of a couple of Texans discusiing how it would be fantastic to move the Ngoro Ngoro Crater so it would fit into their hotel room window!

I would love to join the linkage world but every time I type, like a non discriminating fool, I want to go everywhere! This is a skill at being selective ;-)

@Nick - ditto A's words: you are welcome the 'K-B' world over!

Snow - looks fantastic but personally there is where it stops. Am with Pro/Mshairi on that one.

@Wanjiru - there are no ex bloggers! Even those that are on the verge of retirement (a.k.a Blue) continue to tickle our cyber senses ;-) Come back woman!

@Milo re Nick and Blue - LOL!

8/14/2005 6:27 AM  
Blogger Wambui said...

PS: Is it just me or are comments sections becoming as good as the blogs they come with? LOL!

8/14/2005 6:28 AM  
Blogger Poi said...

Ditto u Wambui, heck I keep coming back to the comment-windows.

Akiey, thanks for the napptural-headed lifestyle link...

8/14/2005 10:37 AM  
Blogger Guessaurus said...

Akiey baby, you dude are heaven on heels - sorry, boxers on a bike in winter - I keep comin back here just to doss coz its more interesting than my life - LOL
Yes, the Boston winter had my flight delayed for five hours, and I was supposed to be back at work the following morning, and me being the "goody two shoes" that I am, still waited, instead of taking another week off and claiming compensation from the airline as well, some people never learn the art of being crafty, eh Guess?!!

I always say this to everyone including Immigration Officials (yes, I engage them in conversations and impart some (unwarranted) wisdom) - that the world should be an open space with anyone going anywhere because we (supposedly) are the only humans in the universe so why the heck should we be restricted as to where we should go and what we should know about the rest of the world *sigh* so I am siding with everyone on whatever towns/states/countries they want to be merged/twinned - the worst feeling in the whole world is being restricted to what you can do, and travelling the world and experiencing its riches should rank up there with them!!

Thanks for this bro, thanks a lot!

8/14/2005 1:11 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Me personally Lilongwe/Havana/Atlanta/Zanzibar/Accra

And Nai is not as cold as everyone's making it out to be, just Kenyans being sissies! *ducks salvos*

Great idea Akiey!

8/14/2005 2:12 PM  
Blogger Farmgal said...

Great idea ..mmmmhhhh let me see.. how about any island in Greece, posh place in states and Rotterdam. oh yeah and all the three cities in England where my family lives.

8/15/2005 1:01 PM  
Anonymous wanjiru said...

Akiey sorry for using your blog:-) but thanks for all your buddies and my cyber buddies akina Wambui and Poi for missing me but I shall be back soonest I promise. I hope when I get back NICK GICHU will have divorced all the cyber wives he has acquired while I have been away:-))

8/18/2005 1:46 PM  

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