Thursday, September 22, 2005

Akiey Con Fuego!

Okay, am back aqui con fuego! (here with fire!...Spanish & pronouced like the title above).Here we go with the answers to the questions you asked. I had to marshall my two personalities to accomplish this gratifying task of looking within to see what lies without. Tried to be honest as possible & held nothing back regardless of how well you may know me or even who else reads this blog. I hope what I reveal about myself gives you better insight into akiey & the real me (wink!) & as always your feedback is greatly appreciated. Lets do this!!
Mshairi, Got here 1st & took me back in time:
a))) Who is the love of your life? None at the moment. We're still looking for each other & will love her like she deserves to be loved . You know I'll let you know when she finds me.?:)
b))) When did you first fall in love? At 15 yrs old. Same girl in Q3. We were young but could tell it wasn't puppy love. She made the 1st move, brave girl she was.
c))) When was your first kiss? I was 15.5 she was 15. Darn her dad would have banished us or better still "killed us dead", lol!

Freegal inquired:
a))) What was the last item you bought for your house/ apt / flat /room?
House/apartment: living room carpet Bedroom: small dvd player to play Cds on
b))) What is your current bedtime reading?
Wow,insomniacs shouldn't read in bed, wont sleep. Ok, at times XXL (Hey, that's not porn, click the link!!)
c))) Do you believe in life after death?Yes always have courtesy of my upbringing, faith & simple logic but for past 3 years been feeling I don't want to come back in the human form. This trip has been a trip, I would gladly come back as flowing water (a gentle stream, river or the deep blue ocean)

Milo probed:
a))) Remember those fairy-tale 3 wishes, what would be yours? I wish I had Jesus' 2 Powers as well (wish no.1 & 3):
1) Power to Heal, so Africa my baby, here I come!! 2) Be with family & loved ones whenever we need to 3) Ability to walk on water: love water sports but imagine walking across the Likoni ferry channel or Nyali bridge creek, daayyyum!
b))) How would you describe yourself in one word? R.E.L.I.A.B.L.E
Reliable* Encouraging* Loyal(underline that!) * Intelligent(somewhat)* Ambitious* Bold* Loving * Extra-stupido!!
c))) What do you want out of life?
Happiness, Peace of mind, Success equal to efforts, Loving family, 5 good loyal friends

Wangari asked:
a))) What is your greatest pet peeve?
Professional: someone taking my professionalism for granted while it's clear I put in 150 %!
Social: Liars, mean people, sexists, racists, very slow drivers ahead of me (urrrgh!), some cops (shitty pigs!),

b))) What pisses you most about women? General: Very pretty woman with a badd attitude. Particular: When in love & she plays mind games
c))) What gets you most about women? Good Women are God's finest, most-amazing creation. Love their caring, loving nature & how they notice the littlest things about people & things. (I hope I understood the last Q?)

Nick told me to say 'aaah' and examined:
a))) (You know I had to go there) u and irena: let it rip…
U know she said to zip my mouth but have known her for eons, prolly since Moses led the Exodus. Nick, Irena may tell u more in her "whisper song" to you, lol!.
b))) List like 3 of your greatest accomplishments or things ur mighty proud of
Acc: 1-Maintaining near-perfect r/ship with my entire family 2-Good education, while lie, I had endeless fun but also burst my arse in school 3-Being darn good at what I do professionally..hey, ask folks who send me projects:)!
Proud: 1- My self-taught skills eg photography & some languages, 2-Nephews & Niece 3-Regaining my faith every time I lost it. Not so easy but yeah..Takes faith to keep the faith I think?
c))) Greatest failure in life or disappointment?
Failure: Not sure I've failed at anything & no, am not kidding
Disappointment: Not able to physically be there for family at some crucial moments...not my fault though.

Nakeel like the Lil' Sis she is aliuliza hivi...
a))) What was your stupid question you asked the teacher the first day of school?
1st day of undergrad in Univ. "I don't understand, what do you mean like we learned last semester?" Prof: "I know, you're in the wrong class, these are 2nd year students not freshers"
b))) How do you foresee the future on your way?
Very tough Question Lil Sis times very bleak but with God's grace I'll be running the 2 multi-media/language agencies I've been trying to get off the ground for some time.
c))) What was the best dream you ever had and wanted it to happen?
I dreamed of this back when I was 22: Am working from home (what's new about that!?) seated at the desk facing 3 large windows overlooking the Indian Ocean in S.Coast. By 2 big windows stood my teenage daughter & son chatting with their 2 teenage cousins (my nephew & niece) as they looked onto the sea, and seated on my desk peeking over my computer screen is 14 yr old daughter. Their mom's on her way back from work. One of us had to work away from home. I'd like that to happen.

Guess teasingly asked:
a))) I know the cure for insomnia, are you interested? Intererested in the cure or in U Guess? hehe! knowing you...should I be afraid, very afraid or have a silly smile? lol!
b))) When you told me I am special last night, did you mean it, and what did you mean by special ? Of course I did mean it. In all senses of the word. Just let your imagination fly...or better still just make a guess:)! Ok, hint #1: U r way smarter than u allow most folks to imagine
c))) Can I come back and ask more appropriate questions? Yes you can & I answered both appropriate & inappropriate ones somewhere at the bottom: )

Poi really had me thinking deep:
a))) If you were no more today what would your closest friends/family say about you?
Closest Family: "We love him & he loves us more"
Closest Friends: "He had too much energy & a bagful of ideas to fit into one lifetime. He's gone to get more done"
b))) What would you like them to say about you?
Closest Family: "He cares tirelessly" (note the present tense. In the family we use the present for all dear to us)
Closest Friends: "We ain't never had a friend like akiey"
c))) And why would they not say it? As in what I wouldn't want them to say?
-he failed, he gave up, he was afraid, he was too busy, was too far...

K.i.d.a.d.a held nothing back & dared me thus:
a))) What can a lady do to make you go like…uuuuweeeee!!…and not in pain?LOL! (please dissect my Q into 3 parts: Mentally, Physically & Emotionally)
Mentally: A good woman with brains is irresistible. If she can caress me mentally before she reaches out & touches me physically...If she makes love to me mentally, am hooked & all hers physically...hers until she runs out of clever ideas,lol!
Physically: Is comfortable in her own skin knowing that I love her regardless & isn't afraid/ashamed to tell me the 3 little words: "Gimme Some More!"
Emotionally: Connects with me, is loyal, supportive… the type I mentioned chez Guess, combines that with the other 2 points above & yeah...uuuuweeee!!

Irena laughed away & wondered:
a))) Are you ever going to wear locs again? You looked so so hot in them (...?)
I most probably will if I keep working for myself & am successful. Ahem, am flattered but c'mooon! I was just a little younger & looked better then, lol! But my kids will:)
b))) Have you ever forgiven me…?(will have to call me for me to finish that sentence) ha!ha!ha!? Indeed, you're forgiven my dear friend...but lemme grab the phone & find out if there's more to that sentence. Darn suspense is killing me like Nick wanting to know about irena & akiey,lol! Btw, will get you those Josh Groban concert tickets: )
c))) Promise you wont tell Nick anything about me and you? You got my word Irena, as you can see above I referred him back to ya! He has to get you to whisper the answer in his ear,lol!

Caroline said: "thanks for stopping by my add an aura to a blog that is most needed …have an idea of the person u are posting to or reading about..."
Caroline since I have no answer to a Q from you, kindly pick any 3 Qs from these wonderful people and include them in an upcoming post? Thanx & c u again soon!

Blue Poet philosophised:
a))) Who do you feel you are?
This Q was so deep I had to sit back & question myself:
1- On a bad & shitty day: That darned fool that forced Egyptians into slavery to build those enormous pyramids & now life is paying me back...seriously!
2- On a very good day: A bagful of ideas walking on 2 legs & about to have a biiig positive impact on this world & knowing the only thing standing in my way is the right opportunity bcoz am ready, I've been ready!
3- Generally: One of God's "Work in Progress" & I hope He'll be content with the final product.

b))) Why do men at the coast turn to look at buibui clad women when all they see is a fleeting glimpse of the eyes? Hehe, Blue, 'the eyes are the windows to the soul'. Coastal men believe you can tell a whole lot about a woman from what is communicated through her eyes.
c))) If you were an alien which country would you make your own?
Africa of the 1500s to scare the hell out of those darned European & Arab slave catchers so they never, ever, laa hasha!, sahau kabisa! Try to take away the sons & daughters of this sacred land.

Guess & Marvin came around asked "appropriate" Qs & also issued a threat,lol!:
a))) I love Blue's Qs-especially no.3- can I come and be your alien nurse. I promised to wipe that gooey green stuff (on your profile pic) with loadsa TLC?
You bet! After all the arse whopping I'll give the slave catchers above I'll need an alien nurse, lol! Wipe the gooey stuff with loadsa..and how do u plan on doing that? Ok, my eyes are shut,hihi!
b))) Animals put us humans to shame. Discuss
-*Rats don't give a human's arse stressing about the future. They just live day by day.
-*No pun intended but during Tsunami, countless animals took to higher ground coz they interpreted nature' warning signs. Us humans have ignored our natural 6th sense & were caught unawares basking in the hot sun. Time we took better care of Mother Nature & listen to what momma (nature) says [Do I get a smiley face & star for this?]

Diane Orville stated hers are "fill in the blanks" thing & warned "dontcha play smart dude, I know you!":
a) Her cute lil black dress lying on the floor (thing) is sexy, my silver-platinum chain on a black T-shirt (thing) is sexier.
Salma Hayek in Frida (person) is sexy, Salma Hayek in real life (person) is sexier.
b) The celebrity that reminds me most of an ex- of mine is
c) If I could I would marry: Chilli or Tamala Jones
(Get me Chilli's ##Diane?)

UARIDI placed an order:
a))) Can I please get the recipe for the fish in coconut ?
Sure Uaridi, check your inbox & bon appetit in advance. I hope your dinner whets their appetite & makes them do this! Lol!

Nick came around & teased:
a))) "When u held me last night and looked deep into my eyes and whispered oh so tenderly that I was special..." my my my Guess is that why we missed the nursing session yesterday.
Nick, hope you remember what she warned you about chez Milo: straight jackets 2 sizes smaller. Usiseme sikukwambia kijana!

Acolyte had me rolling on the floor with: a) If you had 24 hours to live 1) what would you do/ 2) where would you go? 3) Who would you screw?
Do: *Spend time with family & have loads of crazy fun. Kiss my momma & sisters, lil niece & aunt good bye, hug my pops, bro & nephews. *Beach picnic in S.Coast with siblings & closest friends as we dance to "Me Against The World". *Visit Kimberly Jones in the Philadelphia prison she got into this Sept 19th.
*Make a baby or two with the girl I loved last year but couldn't be with. (hope she reads this someday)
Go: *go take a shiit coz am not going to God with feaces in me(hahaha!) . *Jetskiing & scuba diving. *Wear shorts & cycle in the snow. *Climb Eiffel Tower & yell out "Meeeerde!!" in French. *Hang out with Chuck D , Nas, Damian & the other Marley kids, attend Mary J. Blige-Erykah Badu-Jill Scott concert.
Screw: *my g/friend or wifey( if I have one) and when done let her screw the hell out of me, Rhaahahaa!! If no wifey or g/friend will ask the following to give me some sans wasting time: Free (formerly of 106 & Park), or the girl I loved & affectionately called Chenille...
b) What is your most embarrassing moment? Have to think this over. Back 2 U in a day Acolyte.
c) What is your greatest achievement? 1) Knowing my strengths & weaknesses & knowing what to do with them. 2) Some self-taught skills that could generate a billion dollars (given the right opportunity) & change many people's lives for the better.

3) Finishing & finally posting this...phew!
4) Being a fully functioning, functional insomniac.


Blogger Guessaurus said...

Damn akiey....
Ok this is way too much, I have to come back and write something appropriate.
Or, let Marvin say some..
@Nick - he he he

9/22/2005 4:25 AM  
Blogger UARIDI said...

Scared of you man!!! You are brutally honest about yourself. It is good to know and accept yourself.

May God bless you His work in progress so that you can bring all those ideas to fruition.

I will try the fish and my roomie will let you know.

9/22/2005 6:36 AM  
Anonymous mshairi said...

From one insomniac to the other: this is truly stupendous and something I know I will come back to again and again to fill in the gaps! You came across as a deeply loving and lovable person (btw: I knew that way before you answered these questions!); a person with integrity; confidence and a firm sense of purpose. More power to you, akiey and thanks for giving us a glimpse of the person you are.

Akiey (acqui) con fuego - me gusta mucho, si!

9/22/2005 7:02 AM  
Blogger Irena said...

Akiey:Numero Uno: Grazie mille per il suo perdono.
Secondly, you are such a wonderful human being and taking time to answer everyone queries ---priceless.
Thirdly: *Make a baby or two with the girl I loved last year but couldn’t be with. (hope she reads this someday) - That is some lucky girl and she is a fool to have let you slip away.

9/22/2005 9:47 AM  
Blogger Milonare said...

*clapping hands in standing ovation*

Bro, this was timamz! Well worth the wait! I'm really glad that you were open/brave/honest/strong enough to share this with all of us...

I kinda feel like I know you now coz there's a lot of stuff in there that I can relate to personally!!!

Enyewe you're an enigma... I should have known from that ka-time I asked about your jina LOLOLOL

On a non-serious... You know how we brothas do:

Which mind games are thse that were played that didn't make love to yur kiongoz pre-physical mpaka you dumped a ka-chile??

Why would you be yelling excrem*** from the top of that french kaplace (ama my french is rusty?)

Ati you want a mama to ask for more bila shame? Eish, what if mgopero has chokad? Ama you'll unleash energizer LOLOLOL

Lakini you seem to penda manguvano a lot... Hahahaha.

You dont haffi dread to be rasta LOLOLOLOL

9/22/2005 11:01 AM  
Blogger Stunuh Jay said...

OK who's the chick that's playing on your blog... I want that music...!!!

9/22/2005 12:10 PM  
Blogger Acolyte said...

@ Akiey. the shelling before you see God is a classic one.Hahahahaha!Well it's good that you know yourself and not afraid to show it.

9/22/2005 12:12 PM  
Blogger Prousette said...

Lovely post akii! Brutaly honest it hurts.
But then again is god to know there are few or even many like you

9/23/2005 6:48 AM  
Blogger Poi said...

Hey my bad for getting you thinking, thanks for the brilliant answers.

Are we allowed to ask anymore? lol, just messing:)

9/23/2005 10:12 AM  
Blogger nick said...

wow u told it all revealed what lies beneath. of course am still not satisfied with that Irena answer but its all good!you do know i'll 'extract' that info from u..or send Guess in one of those moments u seem to be sharing

9/23/2005 11:24 AM  
Blogger k.i.d.a.d.a said... one word!!!

Where to start,
Mentally: Hmm...making love mentally is quite stimulating...I like that.

Physically: Hehehe.."Gimme Some More" I see you're an all nighter...super cool!!!

Emotionally: The type I read, well, you actually described me word for word...


"*Make a baby or two with the girl I loved last year but couldn’t be with. (hope she reads this someday)"

"...or the girl I loved & affectionately called Chenille..."

Chenille...I use kidada now..

I've been reading and you BUT:

- Sweetie, you're married to your computer/laptop...

- You have a big crush on "Insomnia"...what was I to do?

- Sweetie, I love being tangled up with you in bed, but you're never in bed... you want me to go on ;) *sob* *sob*

...tu es trés difficile...pourquoi? Je vous ai aimé!

9/23/2005 12:40 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

I say a big Thank You to everybody who had the kindest of words for my little niece who was my avatar & I featured in the previous post. Will tell her you think she's all that tomorrow as they celebrate her mother's (my younger sister)

Guess, U know you’re always welcome? Putting some of it down felt a little ‘much’ to me too but it felt good when I was done. Marvin can tag along incase you need help blogging in my blog. Mi blog es su blog
-Nick is definitely asking for trouble. The undersized strip jackets seem too comfortable for him,lol!

Uaridi, Thanks a bunch for the wishes esp concerning His work in progress. Takes lots of courage but will do my best with His help.
I’ve always been very frank with myself & with time have come to accept the good & (little) bad in me. Has given me lots of peace of mind. I feel am more harsh with myself though., no wonder the brute honesty: )
-I sent ove the recipe, hope U’ll both like it. Roomie will definitely get back to me:)

mshairi, Thanks! & I salute you too fellow insomniac. Wasn’t that easy to do but I’ve learnt a good lot about myself through this. Feel free to drop by often, you just might notice smth in here about me that am not aware of yet.
Your kind words made my day my dear friend & I like your honesty. Am glad I didn’t disappoint, plus you’re one of the very few out there that can confidently pinpoint my two personalities. If we were in The Mob, I would tell you: Bacio Tua Mano
-The Akiey Con Fuego just came as a flash thought & I grabbed it by the errr…embers(?) haha, am so glad te gusta mucho, mi querida:)

Irena, Non si preoccupi affatto, siamo buoni amici, no?: ) Thanks carina, you are too kind, am touched: ) 2ndly: Am glad all you wonderful people showed a genuine interest with all your questions so it was only fair that I too take the time & get back to each & everyone of you. 3rdly: The girl-love-baby thing probably wasn’t meant to happen & I hope me & her will see ourselves grow as the fine (I’d want to believe) people that we are. Life comes with no instruction manual :((

Milo Mob thanks & a bow of honour bro, I shyly accept the standing ovation. (This is where I say ”Ghetini djini” after the clapping??). Had to be honestly clear with aaaaall y’all bcoz we’re family bro! Helped me see myself better.
Eti Enigma,lol! Am also a Scorpio so we tend to be shamelessly honest with folks we know yet dreadfully secretive with others....any fellow scorpios in the house!?
-U’ll have to share with us the stuff you can relate to. Or I’ll choose the funniest?
-The games? lying through the teeth, backing out on stuff she pushed for in the 1st place, tears for fears, eeeeh lo! nilichoka…she was all that & some change but testing “a broda too much ah no guud at aaaall”
-Yell “merde” in French (u got the English meaning right!) so all the tourists @ Eiffel Tower would take the msg home & soon whole world will get my departing words,lol!
-Lol@ asking for more bila shame, ofcourse! If doesn’t ask me…who would she ask with such confidence & be sure she’ll have what she needs? They studied me so they could make energizer, Rhaahhaha!(haki shame on me!)
-Manguvano? Milo…folks asked & I told them what they wanted to hear, lol!
-“You dont haffi dread to be rasta”, no doubt & and “you don't haffi smoke chukuru or sanal to be rasta”(Alpha Blondy)

Stunuh Jay, The chick playing in the video was Jill Scott. Love her to bits. I know she has some fans in here as well…like our fav Poetess:) U want the CD, mp3, or video? Lemme know..

Acolyte U know you asked the killa questions & for that I had to work extra hard. It felt like the most perfect conclusion to the whole finding out about me exercise. Yeah, can’t take sh*t to God, we came into this world sh*tless so I gotta show respect & leave all the sh*tty stuff behind,lol! Plus….am making room for that heavenly milk & honey.

Prousette, Merci, milles merci! To use your own words…good to know there’s a few or even many like you, I love your current 100 Truths About ME post, mine fades in comparison. U are one bravely honest chick. Hats off to you!

Poi, Indeed you got me thinking but it’s all been worth it. At times we ignore simple facts about ourselves. Really liked your Qs, smth not many people get asked & am glad you hit me with the realness girl!
-hey, you know me, ask & ask some more, nothing offends me unless someone intends it to be. I know u mean well.

Nick, My naughty laughter would be enough answer for you but no…Irena & I are so like that…what do you have in mind? Let us know, hehe! You send Guess as the emissary or detective,huh? She just may succeed but we talk about so much in those moments she’ll forget what she’s supposed to be revealing,lol!
-Yes, had to tell it like it is bro, the good, the bad, the lovely, everything.

K.i.d.a.d.a, Thank you lots! Your Qs were the steamiest & you made it clear you weren’t taking cheap BS answers. You wanted to know so I had to tell you as is: )
An “all nighter” in very many senses of the word…work, prefer night road trips, night Tv, was born at night, edit pics @ night, think @ night and yeah…what other nite stuff do folks do? Add those too: ))! Nice to know you’re that person I described emotionally..

It’s either a small world or you really do know me, pray tell?
So when/why did you drop Chenille & pick up K.i.d.a.d.a? Sweetie, am married to my computer bcoz you wouldn’t pay me any attention. I have a big crush on ‘insomnia’ & you were to drag me away from the computer, tv, books, nite life & all.
-Put me on a curfew & you’ll get lots of the tangling you seem to love so much,lol!
Go on K.i.d.a.d.a & I’ll pee my pants in shock if you truly knew me back then.
Je ne suis absolument pas difficile et je t’aimerais sans doute si tu me disais de telles choses...est-ce qu’on se connaît de quelque part, Petite?

9/27/2005 12:34 AM  
Blogger Nakeel said...

#1 ooh am back hope am not that late... Liked the answers the dream one hope it gonna haappen to my brother soon and just the way it came in the dream...

On the Multi media language agencies i pray the door happens and i get to help my brother with the waks....
UUh liked the post.. this is very lovely bro 1...

9/27/2005 3:48 AM  
Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

very cool post.

9/27/2005 5:57 PM  
Blogger Milonare said...


Tumegheti djini hahahaha

LOL at she was all that and some change... Wonder if the change was those ndururus we struggle to carry lakini they dont amount to much when exchanged for notis??? Hihihihi

Ebu I ran get my french-english dictionary I peleleza this french-comment vybe with Kidada.. Cant understand it lakini I have some fununus that its hot and steamy LOLOLOL

9/28/2005 10:53 AM  
Blogger k.i.d.a.d.a said... getting HOT in here!

I'm speechless!Which is so unlike me.

You know I tried with you but in vain...there was no changing you...Lord knows how hard I tried with you...I tolerated enuff BS and what did I get in return, not even a phone call!

You'll always be my baby...promise me you'll kiss me when we meet...regardless of our involvement with other parties ;)

Don't sweat about it. Akiey was describing his niece to me....I know..why in French...well, French just has the 'IT' factor to!

9/28/2005 11:41 AM  
Anonymous ChiTownzShoxter said...

You braved it though some of them's kind off too hot LOL!
"We ain't never had a friend like akiey", how true Bro-man! You always come through for your buds and you don't care for guys or chicks you cool with everybody.
Aint gon' front, known you for years and the answers are just you.

You are One of the Realest peoples out there, keep doing what you do and remember we got your back too. God's watching over you maaan!

9/28/2005 6:02 PM  
Anonymous Ki-aah ('kiey-aah) said...

Akiey you are no stranger to me but Oooh!!!!I am fascinated by your blunt answers. You really don't play with nothing,,,always confident. I like that about you.
Your answers to Every One of your friend's Qs shows the many,many sides of the 'Akiey: No Quitter Here' I know. Talkin' of having fun, your goals, shitting(boo,boo,lol!), loving your fam,,,your galfie/wifey*blush-wish-blush*,,,pet peeves all!!

... can I come with you to chill with Nas and Chuck D(I know you met 'em already but,,,*sigh*)??
...You love ur fam dude hope they read this and feel the love too:)
...loving Aqui Con Fuego, nice!

NB: I stole(got) part of your name,,,,hahaaa, and you can't do shit about it,Boo-hooo!LOL LOL!

9/28/2005 11:27 PM  
Anonymous ChiTownzShoxter said...

What's good akiey! I'm feeling the hot video bruh!!! I did not catch it the first around my way here but you rotating the Mannie Fresh and Young Jeezy track on blog? Off the timbers maaan!
Don't stop - Don't Quit You got the Heat!!
I'm with the Rob Report check it out

9/28/2005 11:43 PM  
Anonymous mshairi said...

This is absolutely fantastic, querida:) Your comments section is almost as entertaining as your post!

*Pssst* - that milo - what is he smokin' down south?

9/29/2005 12:50 PM  
Blogger akiey said...

Nakeel,Lil Sis, you know you're always welcome at Big Bro's:))
Thanks for your kind & encouraging words. I too hope the dream comes true...and you know I'll have two desks in that home office right? One for you closer to the window:) so you can help run the multimedia-language agencies.

The Humanity Critic, Thanks for stopping by bro.

Milo, "Azandeni sana, now bhellow zidizen":
She was all that & some change..the good change when things were okay but ended up being a burden like loads of ndururus in a torn pocket,lol! Had to call it off with babygal.
-Grab the dico Milo, you'll see K.i.d.a.d.a(below) & I are talking nothing new or in codes,lol!

K.i.d.a.d.a, Now my it hott in hurr or it just you? You made the place so hot & steamy I had to go outdoors...far from the blogworld to cool off-very unlike me too, phew!LOL!

You speechless, why, since when? Hebu unleash the reasons & chapchap!! I've tried to unlearn my insomniac ways but it's been many years so I gave up:( U should have tried harder & you'd be glued to the phone.
Err...pormise, I promise, that & more(a very shy LOL!) but what if your involved party walks around with a butcher knife,huh?
Monsieur Milo is finding ze meaning of ze writing in francais and he will rendez vous wiz us soon.

Shoxter!! Nice surprise bruh & heard you're too busy to even call or write. That's not right! Yeah, gave the Qs my best shot & am glad. Thanks for your kind words & you knwo you help me stay "real....down to the socks",LOL!
-Again thanks & hugs to little Shifa.

Ki-aah, Hehe, now u know am going to sue for impersonifying me,right?LOL! Nice to know you liked reading thru this "NY Times sized post" and you're too kind gal! Bet I don't play, I don't quit either.
-Will try to take you along to hang out with Nas & Chuck D..if you behave,lol!
-Am sure my fam will all read this soon. Will let u know.
-What's with the just took part of my name & you're getting all emotional in here!? go fix me a sandwich!!LOL!

Shoxter, You know I couldn't resist putting up Young Jeezy & Mannie Fresh(will blog about Mannie very soon). Enjoy & wil get more Mannie Fresh vids as well.

mshairi, Thanks querida, I hope the comments section puts a smile on your face as well:)
Rhaahaha! about Milo...whatever it is he's smoking has got to be a very, very good hallucinant...his posts & comments on KBW are clear(?) proof of that,lol!

10/04/2005 2:19 AM  
Blogger lissingmink said...


when i grow up, i would like to be as brutally honest with myself as you are


6/29/2006 8:21 AM  

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