Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's My Birthday!

The Entire KBW means the Blog to me & please don't feel left out because some fast folks got wind of this sooner & decided to surprise me. Hugz 2 U all!
11/22: the day I celebrate my birthday. Yes, a year older & hopefully wiser. Behind me lies a year full of stuff I'd love to remember for the rest of my life...as well as some sh*t I'd rather not, but that's life. A new year full of hope lies ahead, will take it as it comes & make something greater out of it.
Strange but every year since I was 16, my birthday has been the busiest of all days in November. There's got to be a reason behind it, I may know it when I turn 40...That's when life begins, right?LOL!
Today I'll be working around the clock to beat two deadlines for clients in two different time zones so I will officially celebrate my b-day tomorrow. Do feel free to join in the fun if you have my address(wink!), know my phone number, IM add, email or you'd like a blog meet up. If you happen to be around the block then you'll mos def run into me & T-Joy(ful), Matt & Wei getting into some crazy fun stuff. For everyone who kept asking, nagging, threatening & even blackmailing about unedited(?) pics of this blogger here's a peek into some of my fam & circle of friends I hang with on the regular. (Best viewed L-a-r-g-e)

Thank yous (in no particular order): Mom & Dad for bringing me into this world and for raising me right. My siblings represented by Dada Aisha(middle left column) for the early morning B-day greetings (N'nani kama wewe Dada?) T-Joy(ful) (middle right column): dearest babygal for having my back(love U to bits hon!) Thrity: for the beautiful e-card(kisses 4 U & hugs to Pervez for me). Poi: for being 1st KBW to get thru call at exactly midnite(how nice of u fellow scorpio?), Abeid in Cotonou: thanks for the card (glad u remembered), Farhiyya: calling while tired & sleepy (U blaze up Toronto!).Guess: for the early morning email & msgs & for shouting me out in public jana(thanks rub-a-dub babe!), Nick for IM wishes(bro #3, u rock!), Milo untouchable on IM (bro #2, mention them plz!) Adrian IM sting (fellow scorpios sting!LOL!), FarmGal on IM, (stay strong:)!), SpiceBear on IM(thanks in b/n doing papers!)

Thanks everybody for your patience while my computer was acting up. Now it's up & running like Paul Tergat. Back with replies to comments & yes, I have to meet two photo requests from last post. Coming up in next post, promise:)