Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Chilling with MJB...

As I go about responding to the Mvita Don post, my b-day post and my Chops for Days post on Tafsiri too, am all jazzed up for The Breakthrough, the new release by the Queen of HipHop-Soul Mary J. Blige (Dec 20, 2005). This montage and the other 5 in the series I made last weekend [flash that smile if I sent you any of them in the past few days:)], is a tribute to MJB for her ongoing contribution to good, soulful music. I intentionally inserted the mid pic as a reminder that am working on meeting the requests from the Mvita Don post.
PS: *I am announcing the winner(s) of the Mvita Don post, in the next post. Gotta do that. Lately, I've been swamped in work-- loots of work; but work, life, more work & more life is not an excuse*
-Screenshot of the new joint. Click pic to be redirected there-
I am pleased to announce that I'm opening doors to my new home over here. Please feel free to drop by for some munchies, music, videos, audio & all the good stuff. All 3 joints will be running at the same time & same tempo so kick off your shoes & let's have loads of fun!
PS: I am not abandoning Maarifa or Tafsiri, No way!! New joint will be home to more pics, and stuff surrounding this blogger's other interests.
PSA-Public Service Announcement: I'm sure by now you've noticed that about 90% of my posts have 3-word titles à la : Chilling with MJB..., It's My Birthday!, After This Interruption, Pride and Joy, If Bob Visited, Akiey Con Fuego! It Wasn't Me , just to name a few. This happens for a reason or three but it sure brings to mind a good friend whose 3 names have 6 letters each to make a triple sixx!, lol! tsk, tsk!