Sunday, March 26, 2006

Am An Addict

There comes a time when one makes known their indulgences, compulsive pastimes or even: "addictions". I have a couple I've developed and nurtured (or have they been nurturing me?) since I was a kid.

I love reading. Will read anything & everything from that slip of paper swaying in the wind before it finds a spot on the sidewalk, to biographies in the library. Will read countless emails & IMs from fam and friends, online press releases, installation manuals, blogs, even those 60,000 word professional documents I work name it, regardless of the languages it's written in, trust I will read it, internalise and analyse it...("urrrgh, who brought in this sorry nerd!"...murmur the bored AA-Addicted Anonymous attendees)

For nearly a year and a half now I've been getting my daily, nerdy fix from Wikipedia, that fast-growing online super warehouse of knowledge. I fully revel in it & indulge as if reading will be banned tomorrow. You will find me everyday browsing through articles on music, art, politics, history...kamilisha sentensi kwa jibu linalofaa.LOL!

I lose myself so much in Wikipedia it virtually becomes Akieypedia, with me, bloodshot, wide-eyed & info-thirsty looking around like a deal-catcher seeeking the latest arrivals at Nairobi's Gikomba market, a videogamer looking around for the latest Madden Games, like a damsel on 5th Avenue frantically seeking Vera Wang's latest robes, or feeling great like a loving, young Digo couple holding hands on their way home after selecting fresh fish at Likoni Ferry's Soko ya Samaki...and I mos def feel hyped like a mixtape DJ ruffling through crates of music LPs searching for that one beat that will change the music scene...

Today I take a break from Akieypedia mania, allow you to sit on that couch and wonder to myself: what's your addiction...?!