Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fyah Pon Fire

Please click here to listen.

Fyah Pon Fire is a reggae track I produced & recently added to the multimedia section & soundtrack of my upcoming audio book/film scene project.

The writing, songs & videos I've recently done for the project have assumed a more 'new media' shape that inspired me to recreate most of the book's content into a movie scenes. Details on this coming up soon. Since about 90% of the plot is based on true events names & locations will be changed to protect the innocent (wink!).

Fyah Pon Fire is a Lovers Rock type of reggae track with a mellow, groovy tropical rhythm guided by a Hammond Organ tune I played on a Yamaha synthesizer keyboard. Flavour is added by typical Jamaican Patois singing by Iriestan while R&B/Pop harmonies are done by our friend Donna. There is also the familiar "Lord Of Mercy!" chants, Afro/Reggae drumming, a dominant bass line plus a Dub Riddim section guaranteed to get you dancing & singing along. Enjoy & stay tuned for more info on the movie scene projects.

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Movie Tickets Contest

The akieyniteshift.com brands recently presented 2 lucky winners with tickets to go watch any movie in any theatre in any country between February & March 2010. Of the 107 entries received, many got at least one of the questions right. Correct answers to all sections had to be submitted in order to win.

The photo on the left is a screen shot from a popular movie.
a) What is the name of the movie? - Apocalypto
b) In the movie, who is the boy's father? - Jaguar Paw, son of Flint Sky

The words on the back of the girl's tank top say 'What DID Happen in Vegas? 6.05.09'

What is being referred to by those words & date?

The many weird, funny events in Hangover, the award winning comedy movie set in Las Vegas.
6.05.09 is the date the movie was released in theatres.

Bursting at the seams

Stay tuned, we have so much in store for you we're bursting at the seams!

Many new projects coming from our brands. Over a dozen new multimedia collaborations with our partners. Amazing new products from 'new' entrepreneurs & artists. We'll take you to California, Brazil, Kenya, Italy, the UK, Venezuela, France & Bali to name a few.

More info: akieyniteshift.com myspace.com/akiey5