Thursday, April 27, 2006

Simple Yet Complex

NB: The UB40 concert post I promised is in the works, still making time to edit video & pics.

Sometimes I Wonder...

When my time is up on this 3rd rock from the sun,
will I be remembered more as a digital artist or the trained professional that I am?
If, and since I devote as much attention to my art
as to my chosen profession, will my works of art impart
greater precedence over the works of my mind and heart?
Until then, I will strive to make simple of complex things
And complex of otherwise simple things.
Bcoz such is the principle of my art.
I've mentioned this to a couple of my readers:
Never in my life have I taken a 2 minute class in photography, photo editing, videography or filming. What I do here and on other print & digital media is but self-taught & God-given skills that now define me as the akiey that does this & that in the name of art.
As such, years from now, will anyone touched by my work,
artistic or professional regard akiey's time on God's green earth
to be as good as what...

Pele is to football as Samora Machel is to martyrdom?
Dr. Dre is to G-rap as Mother Teresa is to saintly?
Mental is to Kaybee as Aime Cesaire is to freedom?
Iman is to modeling as Mikhail Gorbachev is to Ruski?
Clinton is to admirable as Necessary Noise is to exceptional?
Kipchoge is to athletics as Larenz Tate is to versatility?
Mc Solaar is to rhythm as Fundi Frank is to fashion?
TeeTee is to akiey's ifey as Lebron James is to simply amazing?
Maybe, maybe not, but you're still reading & viewing
and am still clicking, filming, editing and thinking...
Until then, You may be remembered as...?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cherry OH Baby!!

Orig pic sans my ticket here

I've had to put off this concert post mainly due to the tragic loss we suffered back home when we lost dignitaries on the peacekeeping mission to the northern region of Jamhuri. RIP all dear departed and my sympathies to their family, friends and all affected by the loss.

News of the loss reached me on the same day I was to start editing video & downloading the many photos I took at the concert. No way could I talk of a fun time with friends and mourn at the same time. The time out & no video playing here was Maarifa's tribute.

Yes, Good People, I finally got to meet & greet with the one-of-a-kind UB40 and their equally Irie opening act Elan from Cali by way of Morocco. The concert was at the amazing House of Blues in Cleveland. It's an understatement to say all this was a dream come true. Will give detailed info with pics, video etc in a new post as soon as am done working out a few details with video & photo sequence.

I will get back to you ALL by tomorrow, I too need to have my hands full of dessert for now!