Monday, February 14, 2005

My every day read.

Not yet a NY Times bestseller but it's always tops on my list,...lmao!
Anyway, this is a must read for me every day & the author/executive editor keeps updating this series with some pretty amazing (unpredictable) entries. I just wish I knew in advance what the next plot will be but guess that takes all the fun & suspense out of what should otherwise be a good read, huh?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bent out of Shape!

"Bent out of Shape" is what I thought when I saw this messed up bike in the street. It's been laying here for I would say... the past 2 years & nobody seems to ever notice it. Actually, I doubt anybody stops to detect that the front tyre (tire) is so messed up it's 'tired' & very out of shape! I pass here a couple of times a week & it's only today that I took notice of the bike's state, lol!

Guess the moral of the story is...that's exactly what succumbing to life's stress can make of us as well, mhmm?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Winter Sunset...a real tease:)

The 'warmish' winter sun, peeking & teasing as it sets by the park along Kent's Route 59. You can imagine the place looks totally different in the spring & summer.
Guess I should come by here in a couple of months & take another sunset shot with all the trees heavily laden with leaves & all the grass swaying in the pleasant, gentle, evening breeze.