Saturday, October 29, 2005

That Other Side

EDIT: Hey good people, I know I've not done my regular blog runs lately bcoz of problems with my computer...can't stay online more than 5mins at a time:( I'm sorting out the problems & will be back in ONE day with replies to comments & ready for a new post. Thanks!
That Other Side
-This post is 90% based on true events-
From time to time, the Mvita Don's modus operandi consists of deviating from the 'norm' such that when duty calls his personality changes to: no jeans, no cap; no tees, no slang; and definitely no bling or camera snaps.
The day starts earlier than usual with a prayer of thanks for a good night's rest (even if it was no more than 4hrs, ahem!), and hope for a better, rewarding day ahead. Quick shower followed by a quicker walk in-walk out of the wardrobe transforms last night's fun-seeking, casually dressed and easy going insomniac into today's more focused, formal looking, talking, walking & acting non-stop hustler.
Two to three urgent phone calls later confirm final details about the task ahead and add to the obvious "seriousness" of this "job". He has a light "pretend" breakfast as he again notices his state's own Robin Meade is all smiles as she reads global news on CNN Headline News-his favorite morning news station. Two minutes later, he's all ready.
A few quick but sure paces take him to the dimly-lit living room. By the coffee table he picks up the black attaché case containing his very important tools of trade-the tools of trade that he needs to ensure the 'job' gets done right. Tools he values so much fellow wise guys know the Mvita Don would die protecting them. It is common knowledge that such tools help define who he is & both friends & foes know not to mess with him when equipped with this arsenal that can determine the fate of many a man, woman and child.
Don Mvita, as others dare call him (but not to his face),knows he uses the arsenal to do good but you would know better depending on which side of the law or the street you are talking from.
A final walkthrough of his living quarters ensures all lights, doors, windows and appliances are shut & he grabs his keys as he checks the time on his wrist watch-the serious, leather strap kind he spares for such days- and out the door he goes into a world of contracts knowing today's outcome, which may be covered in the media would result in yet another urgent contract to take care of the current one. "What a life...!" he whispers to himself half smiling as he eases into the seat of the beige-gold sedan he owns but wants to give away to some anonymous single mother of 5 struggling with two jobs to put food on the table and clothe her kids. He does have a good side to him, he certainly does but there's work to do today so he remains focused.
Leaning back on the beige seat, he looks ahead as the quiet-engined machine slithers out of the parking lot. At the red light down the street, the car comes to a gentle stop. His eyes veer into the rear-view mirror and he immediately notices the obvious change. "Looking way too serious today" he says with a chuckle as he glances at the white sheet (displayed in pic) showing the increasing number of hits done, is he happy about that..?
The traffic light goes back to green, the sedan eases into the slow morning traffic and off he goes towards the rising sun...
For now, the Mvita Don will make you an offer you can't refuse. He will grant you any reasonable photo request you make if you figure out:
a) where he is going & why b) what the valuable tools of trade are and c) what the 'hits' are
-To find out more about the Mvita Don, click on the image below.

PS: Replies to recent comments made on previous post coming up later in the day.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Pride and Joy

Recently, I got a terrible verbal whipping from some KB-Dub friends for going AWOL from my blogs & a few daring enough folks like Poi, Nick, Guess, Milo & K.i.d.a.d.a went as far as to suggest I was giving priority to my other online personas, or ripping the neighbour's jeans (not again!?), or that I was still topless in my white briefs like some Calvin Klein underwear model (thought we agreed I'll do that for the"akiey5" brand?), or better still that I've been shopping for a toy bullet proof jacket to face off Milo's toy gun(Rhaahaha!)....the list & jokes were endless but am glad everyone had fun... albeit at my expense:) .
Anyway, I've made my way back to Blogville with caliente (hott) posts coming over there this weekend. For now, as I revel in the surprise gifts from Mshairi (yes, she has a biig, kind heart. Thanks querida!), I shamelessly lay blame on all mentioned here & the folks I lined up in the above photo montage for giving me too much TLC, more than I could ever give my photos,LOL! They ensured I ate good, slept good & in return they engaged in some silly stuff just like we know how to:) Thanks all for being there in person & in spirit. Dada, Jr.Bob, N'dots, Tuma, Omari(RI..P), Zah, Doc you're one of a kind. T-Joy(ful), U are Awesome & thank you for everything, U know I mean it.
With all you fine folks at KBW & these wonderful people that are just a small part of my fam, I share Giacomo Leopardi's words:
"People are ridiculous only when they try or seem to be that which they are not"...I am glad we're all family, now let's keep having that ridiculous fun!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

If Bob Visited

I've spent 20 mins wondering & day dreaming about some "ifs". These are important & semi-important 'ifs' and "what ifs" concerning life, career, some choices I have as well as choices I' d like to have. "Ifs" about where I'd like to travel in the next few months, where I'd like to live starting next spring, 'ifs' about keeping some friends and 'ifs' about completely shutting out some used-to-be-friends.
I've considered 'ifs' about signing new contracts or sending them back unsigned & wondering 'if' I would do the same thing 'if' I was 21 again & doing the same things I love now. 'Ifs' about welcoming some people into my life & 'if' I'd still love them the same way when we get old...'if' I'll get old. There are 'ifs' about spending more time with family & closest friends & 'if' I should let them know that I could surprise them with a knock on that familiar home door. I can't deny some 'ifs' and 'what ifs' to do with finally turning some hobbies into breadearners and 'if' I'd be fully content with the decisions. Also, 'if' she a.k.t.u.a.l.l.y knows me like she said she does?
One biiig 'if' I've enjoyed wondering about is..."What if" I was to swing open the doors to my Gallery today, this week or this month and could invite any one or two persons to officially open it, who would I gladly have come do the honours & why?
'If' I could, I would invite the Honorable Robert Nesta Marley & my kid sis Tuma (love ya babe!). But again, 'what if' they were to choose to stand next to a pic of their choice as they gave a brief speech & they both chose the dual-personality framed pic of my parents' first born kid? "What if"?..and only "if"?
If you could invite any one or two people to do the honours for you, for anything, who would they be...?
"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!" - Bob Marley