Thursday, January 27, 2005

Is it Fo' Realz or Trickz?

What'z really going on here? ... Somebody looking through a glazz window ?... photoz gone crazy, or... just my eyez playin' trickz on me?! * Click image to find out :))!*

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Summer time: streets, clubs & trains in Chicago.

We had spent close to an hour and a half looking for a parking spot for the two cars...the Chicago Bears were having a home game & that's a big thing in the city of Chicago. There was just so much going on in town with people all over and lots of cars everywhere. Honestly, you would be forgiven to think that everybody and their momma were in town for the game or for a hang out that day; so it was near impossible to find an empty spot to fit a car anywhere!

Together with 9 other friends we had driven a fast-paced four hours from Ypsilanti, MI in the two cars to the Windy City for a hang out and loads of fun but little did we know that we would also be taking an unwarranted night tour of the city after having partied the night away at a concert at The Wildhare, popularly referred to as...[story continues when you click the comment section. I did this to shorten it on this front page]...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"Dinner Rush" a French language review

This "Dinner Rush" movie poster courtesy of

Okay, please bear with me incase you don’t speak French but I just had to get this review for a movie I watched on Sunday done. It's a great English language movie & I encourage everyone to make time to watch it. I will rewrite this in English soon.
Felt I should do this review also as a tribute to this beautiful language that has opened so many doors for me; and to think that I have been speaking it for over 18 years... how fast time flies,lol!?
Anyway, Some things just sound much, much better when expressed in some tongues:) Here we go…


Dimanche dernier j’ai vu un très bon filme sur IFC (Independent Film Channel, 550 sur Direct Tv). “Dinner Rush”, le filme du cinéaste Bob Giraldi avec Danny Aiello, Edoardo Ballerini, Kirk Acevedo, Mike McGlone ,Vivian Wu (liste complète des personnages) est sans doute…chouette et un must!
Il s’agit de Louis (Danny Aiello), un propriétaire d’un bistrot élégant et classieux dans le quartier New Yorkais de TriBeCa, qui se fait taquiner par deux gangstars nommés Black et Blue. Ces deux derniers avaient fusillé son partenaire de business et ils ont maintenant comme but de lui arracher son business à cause des dettes issuant de leurs rapports financiers avec l’incontrolable fils Duncan, ici incarné par Kirk Acevedo...[clicquez "comments" pour en savoir davantage. Je fais cela pour ne pas remplir la page, merci!:)]

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Native-American Pow-Wow

I met this very enthousiastic Native-American gentleman during the last Pow-Wow in Kent and we got to learn a lot from each other.
I edited this photo at around 11am today. The original photo I took was all clear, sharp & with a similar color spectrum but today I decided to play around with it & add a few touches here & there to create the impression of looking at him through a 'mirage' or a very powerful lens.
Click the photo for greater details.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Panoramic in Charlotte: "comic book" effect

Here is a photo I just finished working on to give it that feel of a comic book image.
This particular photo I took while visting Charlotte, N. Carolina with friends from Maryland (what's up A+ & Cl!?). At this moment I was inside the car at the intersection of 3rd Street and South Poplar Street. I've loved using and working with panoramic images long before my photography went digital. I should be working on a couple more shortly & I will have them up here very soon.
If you click on the photo you will get a bigger, better image on which you can view the 'comic book effect' I applied to give it that little extra touch. More to come shortly.

Free your mind:)!

Here is another photo I worked on to bring out the impression of it being a painting of sorts.
This I took by the lake located some five mins drive from home. I like coming here with friends in the summer. The place has a certain unique freshness to it all year round. I should be posting a winter photo with all the snow frozen on the lake.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

dec 27th 3/3

I loved this photo so much I had to add it to my favorites section. Am glad the

owner got back to me with info on how she put this image together (from 3 photos!). N

o doubt P

hotoshop rocks. Me thinks I'll invest in it:)

Plz click on image for a better view...

dec 27th 3/3
Originally uploaded by
sita puddin pie.


Thailand: New Year's 2yrs ago

Thailand: New Year's 2yrs ago
Originally uploaded by akiey.

Wonderful photo I received from a good friend that lived & worked in Thailand for a couple of based in Johannesburg, S.Africa.

Merci infiniment Isabelle, et passe mes souhaits à ta belle famille!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Time format..figured out?

It's 7.30 pm, Sunday Jan 9/'05:
I most probably figured out the problem I had with the posting time. I republished this blog after fixing the regional time zone settings to -5EST. For some silly reason it was stuck on -8hrs California/Vancouver time which I found to be a very big inconvenience since many posts would appear to be hours old when the're probably hotter than breaking news. Ok, now that tha's done (I better test it again b4 I get all excited), am about ready to send out an invite to all y'all to come blog with me. Laterz!

Trying to correct posting time

I have been trying out the different settings to see how this new blog tool works and all has been fine except for this time setting tool.
It seems to be one hour behind and that really pisses me off (urrgh!). I don't want you guys to have problems while posting so I will work on it for another 20mins. If it fails I'll just roll into bed.
Ok, here we go again!

First Post

Hi all,
This is the first trial post for this new blog I have just set up at I hope we'll all get to meet here to share ideas, exchange views & experiences, photos, and...just to let loose and have lots of fun:)
Take care and hope to see you here often.