Friday, February 23, 2007

Obama: Speech Music

Reposted Feb 23:
On Feb 10, Barack H. Obama, the Democratic Senator from Illinois stood on the steps of the old Illinois Capitol in Springfield and gave a 21 min landmark discourse that culminated in the much anticipated official declaration of his run for US president in 2008.
Obama's values, worldview and principles have long struck a chord with many among us clamoring for sound, fair and responsible leadership on the homefront and one that places diplomacy at the core of it's international policy. For this reason akiey5media/The Niteshift immortalizes his speech in this original music production aptly titled "The Candidate" in honor of this great son of the 2 USAs: United States of America, and... Ugenya Siaya Alego.

Plz click cover below to listen to Obama's Speech Song
Cover design: akiey5Gallery

NB: Feel free to share this Obama Speech Music, The Niteshift will convert the track to fit your mp3 player, iPod, PSP and car/home stereo on request.

All lead (speech) vocals : Barack Obama
All instrumentals & mastering: akiey

White House backdrop photo: akiey5Gallery files
Barack Obama image source:
here (original has both Barack & Michelle)