Friday, November 17, 2006

Obie Trice-Sopranos-Msanii

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Many thanks to Obie Trice for personally providing us "Cry Now" in June, some 2 months before his new album "Second Round's On Me" was released. The song "Cry Now" is a true to fact, confessional message depicting recent events in Obie's life, some of which made breaking news on both Tv & print media.
As long-time fans of Obie's work, the akiey5media/The Niteshift imprint made a studio video by carefully assembling different scenes from The Sopranos (HBO) series and digitally synchronized them with the song to bring to life the message in "Cry Now"...with a new twist that juxtaposes Toni Soprano's life in New Jersey with Obie's in Detroit.

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Msanii_XL, the publisher of BNTS, whose loyal fans also know as the "music man extraordinaire" for his use of podcasting as a tool to make unique mixtapes offers 3 albums (yes, 3 whole albums with over 55 songs !!) for you to enjoy, to download and share...for free! as BNTS Episode 4, BNTS Episode 5* (broadcast on German Public Radio in Aug,06) & BNTS Episode 6.
He is no stranger to most of our readers for he's the first innovator we featured on our skyblog e-magazine. Msanii stands out from the crowd by fusing music from different continents, different genres and from both major and independent labels and broadcast it to a growing number of enlightened fans across the Diaspora who are now very familiar with trendsetters like Ukoo Flani MauMau, Shida Mingi, Jay Dilla (RIP), Lebo Mashile, Tumi and The Volume, Viktor Vaughn, K-Shaka, Infidel aka Seff (gifted lyricist who did the intro on BNTS 6 & appeared on BNTS 5)...the list is infinite.
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