Monday, August 29, 2005

Taking It Off

It’s time. Time to call off the recess and get back into the building. Time to let nature take its course now that I am done thinking, planning, rethinking and re-planning.
It’s been a thought provoking and enlightening 2-3 week experience that's brought me a fair share of peace of mind now that the clouds have cleared somewhat. I know I gave it my best shot & dealt with the issues the best way I could. I know I may still need to go back to the drawing board but nothing warranting (hopefully) another blog hiatus.
As I breathe easy now I know I shouldn’t overlook those times it felt like walking through life while groping in the dark because braving them make me value the many moments when it feels so good that the here & now needs to be stretched out into the future. So, like many of life’s surprises, this ride has been both amazingly fun & a harrowing pain but… ¿ Así es la Vida, no?, C’est la vie, non?, Ndio maisha, au sio?, lol! Am just glad I took it for what it is & came out with not so many bruises.

So, now it’s official: Am Taking It Off

Am taking off my thinking cap for 2 reasons:
a) To salute all you wonderful KB-Dubs for reaching out to me via comments, emails, phone calls...yes, all you wonderful folks that didn't care whether you were at work, in the metro, was past your bed time or even whether it was inter-state or across continents.

Asante for: the assurance that nothing is ever dull between friends, e-hugs, the rib-splitting jokes, teasing me about my name (grin!), reminding me I can make that trip to the metro-area when am ready, those wonderfully edited photos with the positive thoughts [had your name signed on it:)], wishing me a great day despite your uncertain work & life schedules, making sure I crack a smile despite your laptop crashing when you needed it most, helping me see through the clouds & assuring me mountains can be moved, checking in on me while you got clients saying 'aaaah' , lol!! To each & everybody, blogger, flickrati, fellow insomniacs... Next to my family & closest friends ... Nani kama nyinyi?! .
Many thanks everybody. It means the world to me ... yeah, the real world, not just the blog world:) ! You're proof that behind your mysterious blog names & closely guarded real personas lie very genuine caring souls!
b) To allow (insert my real name if u know it) the thinker to take a break & resume his normal life & bring in akiey the doer to keep on blogging…
**PS: The name is ‘akiey’, pronounced ‘akii’ and written in lower case---"If you don't know, now you know":)

Kudos Wanjiru on coming back home, you know we were all waiting:) Next...Memoire that am back with the family..."Who the hell took my chair, & where the heck is my favourite black t-shirt!?"

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Eyes Wide open

Eyes wide open
But I cannot see
Eyes wide open
But it’s just too cloudy
Eyes wide open
But I still cannot see
What lies around & in front of me?
My eyes wide open yet I cannot see.
I desperately need to take some time off to clear my head. Hopefully, I'll come back better focused & bring joy to my blog family. I love you all & will try not to stay away too long. Until then & until I can see clearly, I have to visualize what I can't see.
-akiey has left the building-

Friday, August 12, 2005

Such A Tease!

Ever had the desire to visit or go to a certain place often because you either love the place, the people, have family living there, or it's home but you live or work far away but the occasional visits aren't good enough? If so, then feel free to join me relocate some cities of choice.
-Thought I'd relocate Nairobi, the capital city at the heart of the country much closer to the coastal city of Lamu by the Indian Ocean. Now Nairobi & Lamu are just some 20 mins away by car from each other!
My other choice cities would be:
Mombasa, Manchester & Toronto so family could all see each other most often.
Paris, Kent(US), DC, London & surroundings so family & friends could hang out more often
Chicago, Mombasa & Watamu so my favorite cities could all be close
DC & Baghdad so the guy who started all this mess could feel the heat & realize the world still thinks his silly, ignorant, arrogant arse is messing the world up!
Move Australia & New Zealand closer to the rest of the world. The 2 places seem so far removed from everywhere!
...and you would relocate which cities & places so that.....?

And, how about getting lots of this white stuff 1st thing tomorrow morning?

Took this lying down at ground-level as a cold reminder of how much snow we get on average in my state. Taken: Jan 1st, 2005 @ 7.15am.

Hey, hey!! go easy on me people, I know I could get blog-slapped, e-kicked in the groin & even sanctioned from blogging & visting other blogs for a while but don't kill the messenger. It's just a reminder of what's around the corner!? (evil laugh here,lol!)
Ok, hope it's consolation to all at home experiencing the could be worse, so chin up :)
To all living north of the equator, make the most of this summer, enjoy the outdoors, soak in the sun to stock up on vitamin D.

PS: A good friend (ex-blogger) asked me to share this important info with all female blog friends of color:

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You Are What U Dream

My Dreams, Work and Life are often intertwined & this tends to show in my oftentimes crazy online personality (grin,grin!). The insomniac in me dreams mostly during my waking, walking, working, washing, writing, worrying... moments (read that again, and very fast!!).
I envy Nick who values good sleep & even analyzed his sleep routine with surgical precision (great post man!), and I smiled & teased when Farmgal confessed to her dreaming in HTML (child, you're a generation HTML,lol!)
Well, for many months now my sleep has been a blockbuster experience full of vivid colour & very sharp, high resolution visions in the form of the realest interactive dreams akin to the photos I work on. Take for example the other day when Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) & his rookie partner Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) walk up to me & we have a slight misunderstanding as to why I had aimed & shot with my digital camera as they dispensed their dose of street justice. I tried to explain that am addicted to anything photography & photoworthy but Alonzo wouldn't hear any of that true to his nature. I had tampered with his perfect street cleansing work & so he would school the naive & inexperienced Jake in the ways of undercover cop manouvres.
Alonzo pulls out his two huge hecklers [street for guns or gats, biscuits, etc] & I was to be the walking, breathing but soon bleeding teaching aid for this Training Day.
Thinking it's one of the many pranks his senior partner had pulled in the course of the day Jake begins to chuckle but he nearly chocked on his subdued laughter when Alonzo approached the fence separating us & had me talking to him through his nasty, big & ready guns. Jake tried to intervene but he was quickly shut down with one word & that piercing, dark look you all saw in the movie....wait a minute, if you saw it too, why the heck am I on the other side of the trigger!?

Seeing his threats weren't working on this punk, Alonzo persisted & Jake became afraid. What was I to do? I need to see another day to live, work, travel, dance to my fav song, be there for all my loved ones, spoil my niece & nephews, enjoy my insomnia, blog & blog some more, create images & dream some without batting an eye I yelled: "Quit playin' Denzel, Hollywood ain't got nothin' on me! "...then I woke up (phew!) caught my breath & rebooted my computer for this post.