Thursday, April 28, 2005

When U Blog with The Pope

Fellow bloggers and I have had several uplifting blog conversations with Pope Benedict XVI & I must say he's one avid blogger with a down-to-earth personality. He has an amazing sense of humor and the wit of the guy next door. He gives and takes advice and can even take up any challenge. A blogger friend & I discussed this & we both agreed that so long as this Pope doesn't forget & overstep the boundaries, he'll do fine online & not offend anyone:) For instance:
The Pope needed ideas on his new ride. I suggested an Escalade & to do smth Will Smith said, then I asked: "Would it offend you to call you Ben? Or you don't do the 1st name thing?" and his reply was: "I like the way you think. I need to check out Will Smith's video. Call me Joe." so, to me he's Pope Joe.
Be good & he comes around & blesses your blog with a comment or two. He even suggested on one of my posts that he could take on both fmr Pres. Moi & Garang in a wrestling match. Quite a strong, active Pope this Benedict, sorry, Joe is ! Some people ask him for money, others ask for blessings, you know the everyday stuff that a regular Pope does for regular people. This regular Pope also discusses regular stuff like which unique ringtone to get for his mobile, dealing with Mo' money problems etc.
So, The Vatican too far for you? International calls too expensive? Hey, Blog with the Pope at: and have fun!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Steve Stoute's 10 SECRETS of SUCCESS

-Please click on image for better view of printed words-
Two weeks ago while doing my usual fun stuff: devouring a magazine cover-to-cover to catch up on music news, I came across a remarkable interview in the Vibe May 2005 edition (yes, the one with that controversial cover that I find quiet ok!). It featured the incredible Steve Stoute, whose 10 Secrets of Success mirror mine so much I share them with you in the above montage that I just finished designing.
I’ve known about Stoute, this ambitious, hardworking young guy for over 12 years and seen his career rise, fall, rise, fall again & now steady on as it keeps soaring beyond everyone’s expectations-something to which I can relate fully. I admire his courage & determination to keep going despite the odds; which I at times find myself doing-- helps me better understand the source of my personal mantra of “it’s not impossible if I haven’t tried it yet.”
-Here’s the complete interview as it appeared in Vibe. Many may remember him by the extensive work he's done succesfully managing the careers of Nas, Mary J. Blige, and Eve, guiding those of Enrique Iglesias, Dr. Dre, Mya & Eminem, working as a top record exec with several major labels, to his 1999 partnership with Peter Arnell to form PASS, the "Manhattan-based marketing and advertising firm that helped launch the insanely successful S. Carter Collection with Reebok," to his running Translation Consultation & Brand Imaging *, an ad agency that has a partnership with Universal Music.
To top it up, Stoute won the Power Broker of the Year honors at last year's annual VIBE Awards.
*That company name? what a coincidence!? Those who know me know what am getting at.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Worth a 1000 interpretations...?

Edit: RIP John Garang (Aug 1st '05), we're all very sad that you didn't live to see the fruits of your life-long, brave struggle to fight for the rights, freedom & dignity of Southern Sudan.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and in some cases I think it's worth a gazillion interpretations. This is from tomorrow's (April 22, 2005) edition of The Standard newspaper.
-This got me thinking with my silly hat on...were they joking, trying a new club jig or about to arm wrestle, or ...they've both been hitting the gym & The G is testing out the flexed arm muscles of the M-O-to-tha-Izzle?? hmmmmm...somebody help me out?

**Click on image incase the print on the photo isn't too clear**

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Definition of Friend(s)...what's your's??

Update: Due to the growing interest in this post both here and on email, I thought I would rework the title of this entry to allow room for all interested to feel free to contribute their definition(s) of what they consider friend(s). Many thanks in advance for the interest :)

I stumbled upon this guy's very interesting blog while searching for some unique writing online. I like the way he defines a friend & how he rightfully refers to those mofos that consider themselves his buddies. Check the very bottom part of his entry:

Friday, April 08, 2005

When Ur crush rocks "ur stuff "

Original unaltered photo:
You know you got it going on when you've got the one person you have a crazy crush on rocking a trucker hat with your name on it ,huh? Yep, Tweet, your "It's Me Again" is very soothing & headed to be a classic.
Well, guess I just let the cat out of the bag..., 3 yrs years of a never explained crush that only seems to get better with time...must be all that chocolate on her,lol! Much Love Tweet!

NB: Hit me up for details on the photo-op & of course Tis Von Dutch for the discerning fashionista:)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Intro Page: KenyaUnlimited site

Something amazing is in the offing starting today. The tireless efforts of Mentalacrobatics & his devoted team comprising Mama Junkyard, Maitha & Mshairi are bearing fruit with today's launch of KenyaUnlimited, an "online community aimed at and maintained by Kenyans and friends of Kenya."
Created behind closed doors in March 2005, this fresh-faced, multi-functional website is the new host for Kenyan blogs and is also a virtual meeting place for Kenyans and friends of Kenya back home & in the Diaspora. I look forward to meeting many of you over here.
Mentalacrobatics, that's a great layout & design you created. Maitha, I guess you also worked on the wonderful Swahili translation, I say "pongezi" (kudos) for a job well done-authentic & reads wonderfully.
For the teams' selfless efforts, I dedicate this blog entry to say "Hongera" (congrats) for a job well-done. Pamoja:)!